Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Archcare | New York, NY, 10007, US
Salary Range:$53,000 – $79,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Responsible for quality nursing care of the residents within an assigned unit; contributes to the management of the unit under the direction of the nursing supervisor in support of medical care as directed by medical staff and pursuant to objectives and policies of the Home.


* Take change of shift report and make rounds: a. Check feedback tubes b. Check IV's c. Check for restraints, if any d. Check for residents/patients for safety and status e. Check environmental conditions f. Check emergency equipment.
* Make out assignments and given report to unit staff taking into consideration acuity level (# pressure ulcers, treatments, tube feedings, suctioning, volume of meds, etc.); assign staff to in-services.
* Document medications and/or treatments given and look over MAR & TAR by end of shift for any omissions
* Conduct Nursing Admission Assessment on any new/re-admissions
* Initiate and complete care plans as needed (for CCP, on admissions, for episodic events, for change in status, etc.)
* Pick up and transcribe physician orders; make sure orders are complete and signed (especially telephone orders)
* Report changes in residents/patients to physicians
* Make any necessary entries on NOAR; check NOARs for completion by end of shift
* Incidents/accidents: assess resident/patient; intervene as needed; notify nurse Manager/ANCC and/or MD as indicated; initiate report form and write Employee Account of Event as needed; update CCP.


NYS Registration as a Registered Nurse plus 1 year experience.