Station Electrician C - A

Station Electrician C - A

American Electric Power Company, Inc. | San Angelo, TX, 76901, US

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Job Description

Perform all types of work involved in the construction, maintenance, rebuild, removal, operation, testing and inspection of energized or de-energized generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Assist in responding to emergency call-outs on station trouble and coordinating prompt restoration of service to customers as required. The following list sets forth the principal duties required with the degree of supervision normally given. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below. The following reference is provided as a guideline for persons responsible for directing the duties and responsibilities of assigned personnel, to assist in the safety and development of employees, and is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions: DIRECT SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is working with/hands-on with the person performing the designated task. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is near the structure/equipment and is in constant visual and/or verbal contact to the person performing the designated task. GENERAL SUPERVISION - An employee of equal or higher classification, knowledgeable of the task at hand and not necessarily at the job site. QUALIFIED PERSON - Station Electrician or Supervisor who is knowledgeable of the task or work to be performed, and is capable of performing the appropriate emergency rescue.


1) Work on energized equipment up to 260 volts. After six months in classification, employee shall assist in work on conductors and equipment energized at voltages above 750 volts with direct supervision or assistance of personnel in higher classification.

1. Select proper prints and/or drawings for various work and have a basic understanding of each. 2. Use voltmeters, ohmmeters, ammeters, insulation meggers and other test equipment associated with station work.

2) Assist in disassembling and reassembling, inspecting, maintenance, and repairing of station transformers, circuit breakers, portable substations, rotating machinery, network protectors and transformers, air ducts and heat exchangers; install and maintain station batteries; replace nitrogen bottles and air filters.

3) Assist in station work such as installing conduit, pipe, cable and wire; use hand lines to pass tools and materials; dig and backfill trenches; remove and spread stone; uncrate equipment and material; install and remove portable substation fences, barriers and safety signs; paint structures and equipment; climb station structures.

1. Use various kinds of tapes, insulating materials, protective and insulating paints and varnishes, and understand proper application of each.

4) Assist in making visual inspections such as check lights, heaters, circuit breaker counters, oil levels, and bus connections; read gauges such as voltmeters, ammeters, hydrometers, pressure and level gauges; apply start-run-stop tests on emergency generators, water and sump pumps and fire engine motors. Report abnormal conditions.

1. Replace lamps, switches, duplex outlets, dry cells; install and maintain signal and communication systems. 2. Assist in various tests involving oil samples, connecting and operating portable and stationary oil handling equipment. Assist in electrical tests, TTR, Doble, core megger and resistance for transformer testing, etc.

5) Assist in station switching including use of radio communication and/or direct instruction from higher classification, assist in checking equipment clearances and making de-energized tests, place grounds as directed.

6) Knowledge and proficiency in steel and aerial lift rescue.

7) Maintain records and prepare and submit reports as required.

8) Attend and participate in training and assist in the training of other employees as assigned.

9) Use and operate various company vehicles, specialized equipment, hand and power tools.

1. Operate company vehicles, cranes, aerial lifts and specialized equipment. Perform duties incidental to the operation of such equipment 2. Use hand and power tools; operate portable generators, blowers and pumps; inspect and store personal protective equipment. 3. Knowledge and use of various knots used in station work.

10) Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

11) Assist employees of equal or higher classification; direct the work of employees assigned to assist.

12) Become familiar with the Company's safety rules and practices and in the application of resuscitation and First Aid as presented in the Company's Safety Manual. Perform duties in accordance with the Company's safety rules and operating regulations and practices.