Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center | Oceanside, CA, 92058, US
Salary Range:$45,000 – $58,000 Salary range estimated by Zippia

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Under direct supervision of an RN or provider performs routine patient care, excluding administration of IV medications and venipuncture, following established policies, procedures and standards; follows Quality of Service Standards; follows Universal Precautions.

Essential Functions:
- May perform nursing care functions such as vital signs, removal and/or application of dressings for assessment by licensed provider.
- Cleaning or irrigating wound after provider's assessment and instructions, shaving and skin preparation, ear washes, NG insertion&lavage, urinary catheter insertion&irrigation.
- Reinforce standardized self care procedures as directed by licensed provider.
- Recognizes and responds to acute emergency situation following established procedures.
- Orients patients to system policies and practices.
- Provides appropriate instruction sheets based upon provider direction.
- Reviews instruction sheet with patient.
- Administers medications, excluding IV medications, as ordered by provider.
- Observes and documents patients' response to medications and therapy.
- May perform tuberculin, coccidioidin and histoplasmin skin tests, provides such tests are part of a tuberculosis control program.
- May perform immunizations provides they are based upon written protocols.
- Completes necessary arrangements or organizes treatment rooms prior to surgical and/or examination procedures by setting up or laying out instruments, drapes and sponges contained in sterile trays and assembling equipment items as required for particular procedures as directed.
- May assist licensed provider with patient examinations and treatments by positioning, restraining patients, and assisting as directed.
- Provides assistance in treatment rooms during minor surgical procedures and/or various diagnostic examinations by positioning and draping.
- May hold clamps or retractors, sponge vascular areas, and pass instruments as specifically directed by the physician.
- Assures safety of patient during procedures.
- May prepare and transport items such as medical equipment and laboratory specimens.
- May clean and disinfect instruments/equipment according to standardized procedures.
- Follows Universal Precautions. Reports incidents of failure to follow procedures to Department Administrator or designee.
- Maintains departmental files, performing duties such as pulling file and assembling forms prior to appointment, and filing returned diagnostic reports as directed.
- Initiates and/or completes diagnostic rest forms per provider order, telephones prescriptions to pharmacies, relays medical information from physician to patient, and relays information from patient to physician.
- Charts in patient's medical record as indicated.
- May perform lab tests including urine dip-tests, acetone tests, hemoccult tests, tests to determine. PH, protein, PKU.
- May perform hearing and vision tests, glaucoma tests and visual acuities.
- Collects, by non-invasive and invasive techniques, and preserves specimens for testing, including urine, and sputum and stool.
- Participates in Department Quality Assurance activities.
- Performs other duties, as required, such as checking patients' medical records for incomplete data and relaying message to staff personnel.
- Note: Specific duties may vary depending on assignment.
- Note: Bold print indicates the differences between an MAII&LVN.

Internal Bidding Period: 08/17/2022 to 08/23/22


Basic Qualifications:


• N/A.


• N/A.

Licenses, Certifications, Registrations

• Current CA LVN license and BLS certification.


Additional Requirements:

• Ability to give and follow verbal and written instructions.

• Ability to work effectively with the public.

• Demonstrated knowledge of sterile technique.

• Consistently demonstrates the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to provide superior and culturally sensitive service to each other, to our members, and to customers, contracted providers, and vendors.



• An 8 hour shift w/ varied start times.

• Home location is Oceanside.

• May float to other Primary Care clinics to support operations in the North