Client Service Administrator

Client Service Administrator

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Job Functions





1. Render client services
• Adhere to client service procedures: maturities, policy contracts, loan applications, cancellations, amendments, financial and general enquiries
• Update client personal details and AIMS notes
• Provide correct and accurate advice to clients on products and services (TCF)
• Inform clients and update changes to their policy (TCF)
• Liaise with relevant departments to gather information to resolve clients’ queries
• Maintain required business retention rate
• Handle all complaints and enquiries
• Escalate complaints to Office Manager and Complaints Handling Officer
• Follow complaints procedure
• Handle all incoming calls and walk-in clients

2. Administrate Claims
• Verify claims documents as per standard procedure
• Assist clients with the completion of claim forms
• Submit all claims received to Head office
• Submit any outstanding documentation as per Head Office request
• Keep claims register up to date

3. Advise clients on cancellations
• Advise the client of the process and disadvantages of cancellation
• Retain the policy by proposing different options (partial surrender paid up)
• Inform relevant Sales Manager of the intended cancellation for retention
• As per clients request follow the standard cancellation procedure

4. Office Administration
• Manage mail and fax
• Prepare statistical reports
• Communicate with office manage with regards to office logistics

5. Documentation and filing procedures
• Keep record systems up to date
• File and keep documentation for a period as required by the legislation

6. Process and administrate application forms
• Check and validate application forms for quality control
• Follow the capturing procedure
• Send incomplete applications back to Office Managers
• Process application form on system
• Follow up on outstanding documentation with Office Manager
• Liaise with New Business department on outstanding and provide feedback to Office Managers
• Email scanned successful application forms to New business department
• Capture a minimum of required policies per day

7. Send captured application forms to Head Office for archiving
• Register successful applications
• Send the original application form for tick off process
• Follow up on all outstanding requirements from tick off


Formal Education
• Matric
• Qualification that is recognized by the FSB would be an advantage (Depending on Date of First Appointment in the Industry)
• RE5
• Proof of CPD
• Class of Business

• 2 Years’ Experience in the Insurance Industry;
• 1 Year Client Services
• 1 years’ experience in data capturing
• 1 Years’ experience in: Category A, B, C and retail pension benefits (Advantage)

Registration as a Representative (FSB)

Legislation: FAIS, FICA, FSB, NCA, LTIA
Life Insurance Industry
Long Term Insurance
Financial/ wealth management

Attention to detail

People Centric
Team Player