Leave Replacement Guidance Counselor (Middle School High School -Immediate)

Leave Replacement Guidance Counselor (Middle School High School -Immediate)


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The Academy Charter Schools offers an exceptional interdisciplinary curriculum in a technology-rich environment that challenges students to explore connections across subjects and use experiential learning to bridge the gaps between theory and practice. The Academy's focus on character development and community service cultivate a student body poised to be active, engaged and responsible members of the community. The Academy employs a committed staff whose teaching and high academic and behavioral expectations will promote the excellence known so the community's children can achieve.

Under the supervision of the school principal, provides counseling services for students manifesting social, emotional, behavioral and/or learning difficulties which interfere with the students' capacity to be successful in school. He/she works with the parents, teachers, other school personnel, outside agencies and the community to modify those aspects of the environment which interfere with positive school adjustments and healthy development.

  • Identifies and assesses learning and behavior problems, including factors in the school environment contributing to student problems.
  • Identifies, assesses and when warranted and possible, modifies social-emotional, cultural, economics as well as other environmental factors impacting negatively on a child's success in school.
  • Incorporate students' parents as partners in the learning process. Keep parents apprised of student's progress, attitude and behavior. Keep scheduled appointments and be accessible to parents when they have questions
  • Chair academic conferences with parents i.e. promotion in doubt
  • Counsels students individually and in groups.
  • Provides consultation with school staff and parents concerning the growth and development of individual students.
  • Collaborates with school staff including other mental health providers assigned to respective schools.
  • Collaborates with special education teacher and serves on as a liaison with CSE.
  • Provides mandated workshops on child abuse and child neglect to all school staff.
  • Serves as an advocate for children and for parents around issues that are negatively impacting a child's success in school.
  • Liaisons with various agencies (DSS, DJJ, etc.) and institutions (churches, universities, etc.) in order to assist in effecting positive change for students and families that will translate into improved school adjustment and achievement for the child.
  • Monitors school climates and finds ways of positively impacting that environment for children.
  • Serves as a member of Crisis Intervention Teams.
  • Provides group counseling, educational workshops, and other services to parents on topics such as parenting, stress reduction


  • NYS Certification in School Counseling required.
  • Masters Degree in School Counseling required
  • Very strong communication and interpersonal skills required
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to interact successfully with all levels of school personnel, students and parents
  • Ability to liaise with community agencies
  • Demonstrates abilities/strategies to reduce inappropriate, student behaviors and improve classroom or school climate