Medication Tech - Part-Time 2nd/3rd Shift

Medication Tech - Part-Time 2nd/3rd Shift

Premier Senior Living | Decatur, GA, 30030, US

Posted 22 days ago

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Must have experience working on a Medication Cart for seniors.


Follow established facility policies and procedures in administering medications to residents in accordance with physician's orders and state law/regulations. Administers prescribed medications to residents and maintains related medical records under the supervision of the Resident Care Coordinator. Must be able to communicate in English.


High School Diploma or Equivalent and training/certification as required by state law.


Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills; ability to interact effectively with all levels of staff and customers; experience in long-term care preferred.


Demonstrated ability to utilize independent and effective judgment, problem-solving and decision-making skills.


Customer Service

* Present a professional image: Exhibits a manner that is cordial and respectful. Conservative, appropriate dress and good personal hygiene.
* Communicate effectively: Timely, attentive, respectful, and clear communication whether verbal, written or body language. Displays control and calmness in all situations.
* Maintain privacy and confidentiality: Respecting others' rights, shares only what others need to know and in only appropriate places, not in public areas or near others without a need to know.
* Anticipate needs, demonstrate initiative, and strive to exceed expectations: Empathize with those who are in need. Seek ways to be helpful to residents, visitors, and the Premier community. Provide superior service by focusing on our customers.
* Be an ambassador for your organization: Be positive and caring as a representative of the Company.
* Be a team player: Support your fellow employees; share your time and talents; be respectful and helpful. Welcome the new member of the department/ unit.
* Know the organization: Seek information; share it with others; always be a resource. Know who is responsible for each area of the Company with whom interaction is needed.
* Assume responsibility for cleanliness: Observe all rules regarding eating. Leave all areas clean and neat. Promote safety.
* Take ownership of complaints: Listen with genuine sincerity, apologize, resolve or report complaint to someone who can resolve the complaint.
* Celebrate Success: Acknowledge your own as well as others' successes. Be proud!! Participate in departmental or organizational activities.

Mission and Values

* Shows compassion for others and commitment to helping those who needs assistance.
* Follows compliance program, is sensitive to ethical and compliance issues and appropriately addresses such issues.

Quality of Work

* Uses integrity, good judgment and problem solving skills in making decisions.
* Produces high quality documentation as evidence by the following:
* Follow established facility and state policies/procedures related to medication administration.
* Administer medications to residents in an accurate, timely manner.
* Monitor residents for effectiveness of drug therapy and occurrence of adverse effects.
* Document resident care related to medication administration, monitoring, effectiveness of drug therapy and occurrence of adverse effects.
* Document notification from physician and follow up as required and per policy.
* Follow comprehensive care plans related to medication administration based on each resident's needs and his/her comprehensive assessment as assigned.
* Identify emergency situations and provide assistance according to policy and care plan.
* Follow facility Residents' Rights policies/ procedures. Provide quality care to residents in an environment which promotes their rights, dignity, and freedom of choice.
* Promptly report changes in residents' conditions to appropriate individual, and take follow-up action as necessary.
* Perform basic resident care assistance when/as required-includes answering call lights.
* Follow facility discharge /transfer procedures.
* Verify accuracy of narcotics and other drugs; check emergency kit; exchange keys with appropriate staff member, per policy.
* Order, receive and store medications accurately and appropriately.
* Perform all other duties as assigned by Management.

* Takes steps necessary to produce excellent work in any task or job that is assigned.