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Job Description

As indicated earlier, this can vary a lot depending on the company itself and their job description. In general, they are often tasked with various duties, some of which have been listed below –
Ensure that all transactions are well documented
Preparing asset, liability, and capital account
Keep and maintain all the books in perfect order
Summarize current financial situation by analyzing correctly current liabilities, preparing a profit and loss statement and indicating corrective actions that need to be taken.
Audit key documents and verify each transaction
Reconcile financial discrepancies as they arise, after checking out the causes for the same
Make certain that all tax forms are correct and have been filed to the required authorities on tim
Preparing payments.
Compute and prepare tax returns
Making financial reports that can help higher management in taking decisions.
Has the ability to work as part of a team and believes in teamwork
Maintains total confidence.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.