IO & QC – Lead/Manager/Supervisor

IO & QC – Lead/Manager/Supervisor

Deluxe | Pune, MH, IN

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About The Company

Deluxe, a subsidiary of Platinum Equity, is a global leader in media and entertainment services for film, video and online content. Since 1915, Deluxe has been the trusted partner for the world’s most successful Hollywood studios, independent film companies, TV networks, exhibitors, advertisers and others, offering best-in-class solutions in post-production, distribution, asset and workflow management, and cloud-based technologies.

With headquarters in Los Angeles and offices around the globe, the company employs over 4,000 of the most talented individuals, developers, and industry veterans worldwide. For more information, please visit

The Role:

  1. The successful candidate will be expected to lead a team working on IO and QC process required for the assets related to localization and versioning projects in both short-form and long-form
  2. Eagle’s eye to find any abnormality and Elephant’s memory to remember a plethora of specifications and standards is required to fulfill the same.

Job Description:

  1. Leading a team of IO and QC technicians who do Uploads/Downloads, Media Transfers, Ingest, Encodes, Standards Conversions, Video and Audio analysis, Manual and Automated QC process.
  2. Checking clocks, subtitles, and legal copies to ensure that they are matching the delivery standards.
  3. Ensuring appropriate audio levels as per the briefs and compliances using industry standard sound metering software.
  4. Running stringent QC checks and sharing back the information on errors, missing assets, mistakes in briefs, etc., as constructive feedback with all levels of the team, onsite, agency, and client.
  5. Learning, following, and teaching brand guidelines and client specific information to use the logos, fonts, and colors appropriately on the projects.
  6. Learning, following, and teaching the rules of clearance agencies and certification boards to ensure every project is built in the appropriate specifications to successfully pass the required clearances and certifications as per the destination country or province.
  7. Ensuring every project is built in appropriate delivery specifications as per the broadcast, theatrical and streaming platforms following the right cultural standards and legal compliances as per the destination country or province.
  8. Manage consolidation and archival of the projects after completion and advise better process methods based on the project learnings.
  9. Ensuring to adhere the workflow and contributing ideas to make it better.
  10. Following best practices for versioning control, naming convention, and neat organization of multiple unique assets creating multiple versions across multiple languages delivering to multiple destinations.
  11. Supporting the producers and project managers with the right information on the pipeline to estimate the time, tools, and resources to ensure the right bids are made and proper deadlines are set.
  12. Performing QC checks of the assigned projects to ensure a very high creative standard in the accurate specifications.
  13. Identifying problems, recommending solutions and arrive at resourceful conclusions collaborating with both internal and external teams.
  14. Briefing the team members, freelancers and new joiners as required.
  15. Managing the team’s time schedules, leaves, appraisals, and overall progress.


  1. Basic level video editing, conforming, sound laying skills in Adobe Premiere.
  2. Basic level AFX skills to verify projects and identify missing assets, plugins, and fonts.
  3. Basic level skills in Adobe packages like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Acrobat Pro, etc., to ensure images, artworks, layouts, and animations delivered are in full shape and there are no missing elements.
  4. Advanced level encoding and standards conversion skills in Adobe Media Encoder
  5. Experience working on projects briefed by international account managers or producers from a different geographical location with minimal back and forth interactions.
  6. Excellent technical knowledge of industry standards and specifications covering formats, codecs, aspect ratios, fps, title safety, statutory warnings, etc.,
  7. Experience in working for projects delivering to Broadcasting stations and OTT platforms for international agencies, clients, and post houses.
  8. Experience using audio meters, video analyzers and other plugins involved in evaluating quality of video and audio.
  9. Very good understanding on Windows and Mac OS and the standard desktop applications.
  10. Very good experience in handling MS Office applications and Video Conferencing applications.
  11. Professional English language, excellent interpersonal skills, and a Can-Do attitude.
  12. Strong eye for detail is important for producing multiple outputs with minor but critical changes unique to every single version.
  13. Basic idea of Workstations, Virtual Machines, Remote Working, GPUs, Render Farms, NAS, and SAN.
  14. Experience using macros, scripts and tools for automated media transfers, downloads, standards conversions, frame rate conversions, etc.,