Equipment Supervisor at China Oilfield Services Limited

Equipment Supervisor at China Oilfield Services Limited

China Oilfield Services Limited | Kampala, C, UG

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Job Description

• Daily check the tour warehouse, completes the daily material collection records;
• After the arrival of spare parts, strictly implement the material acceptance system. Strictly implement the inspection system of specification, variety, quality and quantity for incoming parts, check their quality and quantity, and fill in the acceptance report;
• Make statistics and analysis of warehouse materials every month, and do material accounting. Perfect warehouse account card management, timely material storage, inventory, release, return, recovery and other records and vouchers to keep, timely grasp the warehouse dynamics;
• Timely report to warehouse and site equipment spare parts that are not used for a long time, timely register material scrap and return, return and replacement must be implemented in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations. Actively communicate and coordinate with all departments to improve inventory turnover for equipment spare parts that are not used for a long time;
• According to the monthly material ordering plan of the equipment department of the company, strictly implement the three-level order review mechanism when ordering materials, and eliminate the phenomenon of repeated ordering. For the urgent materials not in the monthly ordering plan, write the monthly external ordering instructions and control the monthly order submission time node. According to the actual operation requirements, control the material order quantity and order tracking and other related work;
• Set up the annual material tracking list, update the order tracking list regularly, send the updated material order execution table to the corresponding post, make all departments know the annual order execution status and material purchase progress;
• Material inventory status, keep the warehouse clean and tidy. Warehouse materials according to the equipment reasonably placed, clear marks, easy to access and check. In order to ensure the safety of the warehouse and the non-deformation of materials, according to the material performance of the classification of storage, take corresponding measures to do a good job in anti-seepage, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, fire, anti-aging and other work. Responsible for warehouse area planning and process formulation, warehouse safety management, provide accurate monthly reports and data.

• High school /technical training /degree or above;
• Master ERP system and material purchase plan, material in and out of storage, acceptance and other material management processes and forms;
• At least over 5 years working experience in material and storage in oil drilling industry, and working experience in providing materials for new drilling rigs;
• Dedication, good conduct, strong principle;
• Familiar with material purchase plan, order, warehousing, acceptance and other material management processes and forms;
• Be familiar with the names of spare parts and storage requirements;
• Strong organizational management, coordination and communication skills, good language expression skills;
• Master QHSE management system of the company, familiar with international and domestic laws, regulations and provisions;
• Computer and English proficiency required for the job;
• Under the age of 50;
• Hold relevant qualification certificates required by the company.