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Security Specialist

Security Operations
Day-to-day operational tasks as assigned.
Security Incident management Monitor, investigate and report on incidents.
Be able to be a part of an incident response team and triage.
Assess security incidents quickly and effectively and communicate a course of action to departmental Security SMEs.
Compile and maintain information security incident reports. Ensure that all incidents are recorded and tracked to meet audit and legal requirements.
Oversee and conduct root cause analysis to identify gaps and recommendations ultimately remediating risks to the organization.
Maintain active understanding of industry practices for threat analytics and incident response.
Third Party Incident management Investigations
Manage patch implementation
Documentation Define and maintain all the security governance documents that are required to support the strategy/solutions.
Create and maintain confluence documentation
Secure coding and development practices Assisting developers in secure coding best practices, risk mitigation techniques, and threat modelling.
Phishing Identify Phishing scenarios and ensure these are blocked.
Compliance Assist in reviewing policies and standards to ensure that proper controls are in place.
Be aware and current in terms of regulations and compliances – both abroad and for company regulations.
Training and awareness Provide input into security awareness campaigns to ensure they align to the technical controls and corporate governance.
Reporting Provide steerco input
Jira Dashboards to track SLA and InfoSec task completion
Department updates Ops Security meeting with Business Heads
Backup & DR Work with IT operations to ensure that Business Continuity plans, DR plans, and Backups plans are being pe
Johannesburg, GT, ZA