Power BI Front End Developer with strong analysis experience

PBT Group, Data Specialists, has a requirement for a mid-senior Power BI Front End Developer with strong analysis experience.


Create and maintain the end user applications, typically using off-the-shelf data access software or conventional query- and reporting tools.
Develop the semantic layer, metadata, reports and report definitions.
Develop graphs and portal interfaces.
Load and maintain the metadata for the data access tool.
Troubleshoot BI tools, systems and software; performance-tune these applications as necessary.
Produce complex, efficient, error-free reporting solutions and related documentation.
BI front-end development on data structures, cubes, reporting, dashboards, etc.

Required Skills:
Solid experience with Power BI
Strong analysis experience
Data warehouse modeling skills is advantageous, in order to understand the data warehouse data models.
A sound knowledge of SQL, or the language used to access the data warehouse from the access- or end-user reporting tools.
A sound knowledge of the capabilities of the data access- and reporting tools, to know what their capabilities and shortcomings are – in order to exploit or avoid those aspects in the end user programs or reports.
Keep abreast of new releases of these tools and work-arounds to overcome problem areas using these tools.
Exposure to various BI front end applications, with working knowledge in at least one of them.
Strong ability to analyse user requirements and build front-end BI applications according to specifications.
Knowledge of scripting languages.
Experience with one or more of the industry standard databases desired.
Attention to detail and strong logical reasoning ability.
Good communication skills.
Pride of work, thoroughness and attention to detail.

Required Qualifications / Training:
Relevant data warehouse and BI solution training is essential.
B.Sc. or related degree is advantageous.
2+ years programming experience.
PBT Group
Johannesburg, GT, ZA