Job Detail
Job ID
Offered Salary
R477 090 per annum (Level 10)
NO: 3/2/1/2022/071
Western Cape (West Coast District)
Mr M Mafanya Tel No: (021) 409 0580
Where to submit application
Applications can be submitted by post to: Private Bag X10, Mowbray 7710 or hand delivered to: 14 Long Street, 1st Floor, Cape Town, 8001.
Job Description
REQUIREMENTS : National Diploma in Agricultural Studies / Agricultural Economics / Development Studies. 3 years’ experience in a related field. Job related knowledge: Good knowledge and understanding and interpretation of budget management. Good knowledge of the departmental land reform programmes, legislation and procedures. Job related skills: Communication skills, People management skills, Negotiation skills, Performance management skills, Conflict resolution skills, Facilitation skills, Capacity building skills, Financial management skills, Map reading, analysis and interpretation skills. A valid driver’s licence. Willingness to travel and work irregular hours. DUTIES : Monitor the identification of projects within area of responsibility to facilitate planning and budgeting. Acknowledge receipt of project files from regional manager. Make arrangements with the farmer / landowner for farm assessment. Conduct farm assessment in conjunction with DALRRD, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (PDARD) and Municipalities (Stakeholders). Prepare presentation for the District Screening Committee for approval of planning funds. Conduct farm visits to locate the property and to confirm Land Claim status. Monitor the implementation of land acquisition projects procedures within relevant policy and programme guidelines (Recapitalization and Development Program and Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy). Facilitate the appointment of service providers to conduct relevant studies. Engage in the Land Price Negotiation Process. Prepare submissions for approval by relevant committees. Liaise with relevant roleplayers / Stakeholders with regards to land acquisition projects support requirements. Consult with Land Acquisition and Warehousing to assess the valuation reports and provide a mandate for land price negotiations. Investigate and respond to the Presidential enquiries, Ministerial Tasks and queries. Consult with the office of the Public Protector to investigate and respond to queries within 7 – 14 days. Liaise with the Banks (Land Bank) to investigate and determine the settlement amount for rescue purposes. Conduct investigation of mineral rights with the Department of Minerals. Consult with Eskom on Electricity related matters. Coordinate project financial administration process. Obtain approval of planning funds for implementation of projects. Develop Terms of reference for procurement of service providers. Facilitate the appointment of service providers through adjudication process. Compile monthly and quarterly projections for expenditure of approved funds. Ensure payment of invoices for service rendered within stipulated time.
Required skills
Pretoria, GT, ZA