Job Detail
Job ID
Offered Salary
R382 245 per annum (Level 09)
REF NO: 3/2/1/2022/067
Gauteng (Pretoria)
Ms S Mbatha Tel No: (012) 337 3654
Where to submit application
Applications can be submitted by post to: Private Bag X09 Hatfield, 0028 or hand delivered to: Suncardia building, 6th floor, 524 Corner Stanza Bopape and Steve Biko Street, Arcadia, 0083.
Job Description
REQUIREMENTS : National Diploma in Security Management. 3 years’ experience in security environment. Job related knowledge: A broad knowledge of Minimum Information Security Standard (MISS). A sound knowledge and understanding of the South African media landscape and operations. Job related skills: Planning and organisational skills. Communication skills (verbal and written). Interpersonal skills. Analytical skills. Problem solving skills. Language skills. Ability to work under pressure as well as the willingness to work irregular hours. A valid driver’s licence. Ability to travelling extensively. Ability to work in a team. DUTIES : Manage safety and security at special events. Plan safety and security as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for events and in line with Safety at Sport and Recreation Events Act (SASREA). Liaise with security cluster members for coordination of section 4 and 6 meetings. Accreditation / Registration of delegates. Provide security for event. Request security official’s assistance from National office. Submit operational plan. Monitor event and submit a feedback report. Coordinate and promote safety and security (in terms of Minimum Physical Security Standards (MPSS) and Minimum Information Security Standard (MISS) in the Province. Conduct meeting with security guarding services service provider to ensure contract compliance once a month. Submit minutes of monthly meetings to National Office. Conduct inspections at all offices in the Province. Conduct physical security audits / assessments in all offices in the Province. Assist in coordinating and monitoring of key custodians in the Province. Monitor the implementation of SOP: Key Control Procedures. Conduct inspections on electronic security systems. Report all defects to the service provider. Monitor maintenance and service reports against scope of work. Participate in the plenary meetings. Ensure that 13 Z204 forms are issued and database is updated. Ensure that Z204 forms are collected and database is updated. Ensure that Security Vetting file is submitted to National Office within 3 days of receiving documents. Conduct pre-employment screening. Submit Security Vetting file to National Office within 3 days. Visit the incident scene and inform the sub-directorate Special Investigations at National Office. Open file within a day after the case has been reported. Compile and submit preliminary investigation report within 7 days of receiving all the evidence. Assist in managing the Sub-Directorate in accordance with good governance principles effectively. Compile performance agreements with employees within the Directorate in line with Human Resource Management (HRM) prescripts. Conduct quarterly and annual performance assessments. Participate actively in Directorate Assessment Committee (DAC) and Moderation Committee (MC) sittings. Facilitate development of operational plan in the unit. Implement, monitor and review unit operational plan. Submit operational plan performance report. Develop operational risk register. Sign personal development plans with employees. Implement development plans quarterly. Seeks opportunity to increase personal contribution and level of responsibility. Promote corporate culture of health and safety in the province through enforcing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy and procedures. Ensure the functioning of the existing committees in the province and District offices. Submit copies of minutes to National Office. Conduct OHS audits in the different offices. Investigate all OHS incidents within DALRRD premises in the Province. Notify the Head of Office, National Office and Department of Labour of all relevant incidents within the prescribed time period. Compile comprehensive incident investigation with recommendations and submit to National Office. Update the incident register. Ensure emergency evacuation Plan and OHS signage are displayed and maintained in the offices. Ensure emergency plan is updated if
Johannesburg, GT, ZA