Python Developer with AWS

Hardcore Python engineers for ML and Automation platform

Who we are:

Giggso is a US-based AIOps / MLOps platform that helps support teams increase MTTD, and MTTR, with lower costs and reduce risks for compliance. Giggso automates operations with AI, ML, and blockchain components to provide a secure governance system for businesses.

Who can join us:

Innovation brains - technologists who need to break free from standard programming roles to develop vision at speed and scale, and become owners of a feature or product within our platform.

Ideal candidates are enterprising youngsters good in communication and technology and with a flair to accomplish and be a star. The social and hobbies of the individual matter to us, we need free minds who can adapt to agile needs.

Where do you need to be:

Our Indian operations are Chennai-based, so please be ready to join us here.

Tamil Nadu is a fantastic state to live and work!

Remote is available, however, you need to be a Chennai resident for work flexibility!

How will the interview be:

Written, psychological, and team-based. Be ready for at least 3 rounds. Remember we are looking at people who can invest in their careers in making it big in long term, not job hoppers. So if you are looking to make quick cash - there are 1000s in the market. Be ready to understand us and let us understand you.

What will you get and know before you come in:

Depending on your star level, Giggso will award your skill with pay, stock, bonus, and opportunities abroad.
We don't look at market rates, or market jumpers - we need tech brains, not worker bees.
We pride ourselves on our innovation, we want you to be proud of your skill.

What would you need to know:

This is a base list of skills, trust us - you will learn 5x more in 1 year than all of your experience put together.

We are looking to expand our operations and are looking for Strong Python programmers with AWS and/or Azure service experience at our Chennai office. 


Tech stack for our platform
Strong Python programming knowledge with API deployment experience
Cloud Services API programming
SQL Skills far beyond select * and base level joins.
Kubernetes experience highly preferred
Other programming knowledge is preferred.

Again, We do not seek mundane employees, we seek people who have the attitude of an entrepreneur inside the firm. Energy, motivation, and enthusiasm are vital to success in our company.


Also, at Giggso we believe knowledge is power and learning is a continuous process so we expect our stars to be on top of it.


Chennai, TN, IN