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Product Development Manager (Product Owner) Raksul India

About Raksul:

The B2B e-commerce platforms sensation, Raksul Inc., named Forbes Japan "Startup of the Year" in 2018 and a Harvard Business Case Study in 2019, has created its Center of Excellence (COE) in Bengaluru, India in 2020, to propel ahead its mission of reinventing conventional industries with the Internet and emerging technologies. The new software R&D center in India is envisaged to comprise highly empowered product teams that are multifaceted, mission-oriented and accountable for end-to-end business outcomes.

We are looking for world-class software engineering talent to join our cause in our India Center of Excellence in Bengaluru. We value software product leadership, outside-the-box thinking and hardcore execution. This position will have tremendous opportunities for pioneering leadership and growth!

At Raksul, our endeavor is to pragmatically leverage new technologies for business growth and we greatly value collaboration! We believe in enabling our software teams by instilling intrinsic motivators of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose, nicely complementing our highly competitive comp package, bonus, generous vacation time, best-in-class benefits and super-flexible work hours! We are presently in 100% remote working mode with potentially part-time in the office, post pandemic. Raksul as a company fosters an inclusive, diverse and supportive culture.

Our Technology Stack:

Ruby, Rails, Node.JS, MySQL, JavaScript/Typescript, Vue, React.JS, HTML/CSS, Webpack, Selenium, Cucumber.

Key Responsibilities:

Product Ownership, Execution and Delivery:
Being a Servant Leader by performing effective project staffing and optimization, facilitating free flow of information, identifying dependencies, removing hurdles, coordinating interactions with other internal/external teams, addressing bottlenecks, documenting/ addressing/ tracking action items.
Working with the business teams to proactively delineating product requirements (the What, Why, For Whom and By When) and implementation (The How), understanding the big picture, discussing/debating the tradeoffs across multiple implementation options, prioritizing product feature backlogs (Epics / User Stories) based on business requirements, customer/market needs and engineering capabilities, helping the team choose the options that strike the right balance between the (a) business requirements (b) user requirements & (c) long-term product vision/strategy and evolution goals.
Being a hands-on leader by involving deeply in activities such as architecture/design/code reviews and ensuring non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability and security get due attention in the roadmap.
Drive transparency and clarity during ambiguity and ensure constant alignment of the project with the business, customers & budget via effective communication.
People Leadership:
Hiring top talent via mapping of requirements to JDs, screening, designing tests and work samples, interviewing, onboarding/assimilation; train, engage, motivate, challenge and retain talent visa regular 1-on-1s, coaching, business orientation, upskilling, facilitating learning/ development, career mentoring, representing good work externally, promoting teaming, work rotation, conflict resolution, infusing positivity, encouraging work-life balance.
instill a robust product engineering culture business connect, customer focus, delightful UX, modern architectures, design patterns, high quality code, smart-work over hard- work diversity of thought,collaboration, respect for opinions, ideas & suggestions, thinking outside the box, creative problem solving, sense of urgency and bias for action.
Drive Top Performance by clarifying goals, objectives and key results, obtaining and validating feedback from stakeholders, providing continuous positive and constructive feedback, creating opportunities for growth and development, rewarding/recognizing good performance and versatility and swiftly addressing poor performance.
Best Practices and Processes:
Being an evangelist of contemporary tools, techniques and methodologies that can deliver business value by making the product engineering and project execution process highly effective, demonstrating value with POCs and influencing adoption in an iterative manner.
Relentlessly focusing on promoting automation (testing, workflows, repetitive tasks, CI/CD, DevOps, etc.) to ensure delivery of maximum impact with minimum manual effort, in a progressive manner (vs. Big-Bang).
Adopting a data-driven approach to inferencing and pursuing continuous improvement towards higher quality and velocity (defect escapes, test coverage, burn-rate, etc.)
Promoting customer-centricity and design thinking by working closely with Product Management to ensure that the product roadmap is agile, truly reflects the product vision and is pragmatic.
Striking a prudent balance between following established processes/standards and embracing newer ways of accomplishing things, to set up the team for success both in the short and long term.
Technology and Innovation:
Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the team by encouraging exploration of emerging technologies and experimentation, with a keen eye for relevance to the product and business.
Actively identifying technical debt, obtaining business validation from a product-evolution standpoint, acting as the “conscience” of the business to prioritize items within reason, escalating and obtaining buy-in for investments to tackle them, proposing execution plans and demonstrating results incrementally.
Creating a “safety net” for failures in innovation initiatives in order to encourage enterprising minds to venture into new things, “fail fast” and learn, celebrating successes but not shun failures.
Constantly keeping updated on advancements in technology, mapping them to potential business impacts and looking for opportunities to create POC and demonstrate value, demonstrating thought leadership and influencing technology choices for the product/project.

Requirements / Qualifications:
10+ years of experience in software product development with a strong coding background (Ruby preferred).
5+ years of experience leading cloud/SaaS product development (in e-commerce domain) and incremental product delivery.
3+ years of experience in managing people/teams involved in software development.
Solid experience owning agile, incremental product development following CI/CD and DevOps.
Highly proactive to drive transparency and clarity in ambiguous and rapidly changing environments, to ensure the team is well positioned to deliver the best.
Passion for hands-on technical management and ability to go in-depth and contribute to architecture, design and code reviews, to guide the team.
Strong business acumen with excellent written and verbal communication.
Proven ability to work with international teams and manage global stakeholders.
Adept at working with Product Management on requirements of foreign customers/markets (Nice-to-have: Experience with Japanese software products/market).
Strong desire to acquire highly talented people, connect them to a purpose, motivate them, retain them with the right mix of rewards/recognition/challenge and get them to contribute to their fullest potential.
Keenness to explore emerging technologies and discerningly apply them to products/development processes.
Creative curiosity and a passion for innovation.
Obsessed about product quality and automation.
Educational qualification: Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or a related field.

Bangalore Urban, KA, IN