Speech Therapist

Help in writing the scripts for skills - Audiovisual videos, Chatbot and AI games according to your field of expertise.
Work in teams in designing the autism interventions.
Provide content to the machine backed team in developing an Individualized Education plan online, so therapist or parents can access the dashboard and use the tool in developing skills.
After the product is developed the therapist should be able to monitor the progress the child has made and compare it to that captured by the dashboard so future learning, skills, videos can be designed.
Be involved in conducting the study - by collecting the basic demographics of children, their DQ, IQ, CARS or ISAA, ABLLS documentation at baseline and at the end of the study.
Involved in organizing webinars for families /carers.
Speech & Language Therapists:

Minimum Qualification:

Bachelors or Masters in Audiology, Speech & Language Pathology (BASLP or MASLP) from a reputed university

Essential Skills:

Prior experience of working with children with autism.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Good writing and computer skills

Hyderabad, TG, IN