Artificial Intelligence Team Lead, AI Team Lead

•- Strong AI/ML skills and experience - understanding of basic concepts and proven practical knowledge to apply AI/ML techniques through past projects.
- Product mindset - ability to think strategically around a business and customer.
- Logical mind and first principle thinking - good with open-ended problems, ability to apply first principle thinking, and comfortable in handling ambiguity.
- Execution driven - ability to translate thoughts into milestone-driven execution.
- Strong communication skills and team player - ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders and align teams interest with the company.
- Mentorship - desire to mentor and motivate the junior data scientists and engineers in the team.
- 5+ years of AI experience, preferably in product focused companies (i.e. creating strategic product roadmap(s) from conception to launch)
- Relevant experience in AI-led products driving the product vision, design, implementation, go-to-market strategy, and customer interactions. Past experience in ed-tech products is not mandatory but a big plus
- Working knowledge of machine learning classification algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows
- Good familiarity of ML and Deep Learning packages and frameworks such as SciKit-learn, TensorFlow, AzureML,, Spark etc.
- Comfortable in at least one of the programming languages but preferably Python
- Solid understanding of the data architectures and AI/ML algorithm designs and using best practices. Familiarity with cloud computing environment
- Knowledge in developing elegant and simple feature functionalities which delivers world-class user experience
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with internal and external stakeholders including product and engineering teams
- Strong data-driven analytical skills and ability to organise, manage, and prioritise tasks
- Must be an innovative, strategic thinker and must be able to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment with changing priorities
bangalore, KA, IN