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Manager Learning Delivery

Job Description :
Job Responsibilities :
1. Analyze and identify training needs based on the framework and
process defined
2. Obtain approvals for all training needs formalization
3. Ensure all training needs are taken into consideration taking into
account exception principle
4. Create training plan for training needs identified based on framework
defined and budget published
5. Create contracts with third party providers for enabling specialized
training requirements
6. Ensure the contact party follows the norms defined for the training
7. Analyze and create content for defined areas of identified training
plan in conjunction with subject matter experts
8. Ensure the content developed conforms to the defined standard and
relevancy criteria's
9. Monitor usage of the system for training and resolve issues if any
10. Analyze opportunities for functionality enablement in the defined
11. Ensure Content is been uploaded and data is been captured
12. Publish user guide, system flow and troubleshooting guidelines
13. Ensure training event is arranged and data is captured
14. Carry out effectiveness assessment for training
Skills & Competencies :
1. Communication skills
2. Time management
3. Presentation skills
4. Customer Service Orientation
5. Facilitation skills
6. Managing complexity
7. Product knowledge
8. Content management
Bilaspur, HR, IN