Manager - Digital Marketing

Excellent digital marketing skills with 4+ years of experience in the industry.
Manage performance marketing channels to maximize relevant KPIs 
Plan, create and execute campaigns end-to-end on all channel 
Identify, onboard, manage and scale new channels, app inventories, publishers and affiliates 
Negotiate the best possible commercials & terms with publishers and affiliates 
Monitor and analyze CPR/CPL/CPA campaigns on affiliate networks 
Manage daily communication with all partners and affiliates 
Work on MMP & API integration with programmatic channels, agencies and affiliates 
Respond to & resolves tracking issues, budget pacing, ad hoc inquiries 
Innovate and lead new campaign ideas 
Work with design and content teams to develop best-in-class marketing campaigns optimized for conversion, relevance, and customer preferences 
Acquire insights in online marketing trends in the industry and keep strategies up-to-date 
Create & drive strategy with the right prioritization of initiatives to deliver the highest returns on marketing spends 
Work closely with the product and business team to implement strategies 
Track and measure campaign level, ad-set level and ad level performance and determine actionable insights 
Lead funnel building initiatives, user acquisition, conversion & retention of users 
Drive and track KPIs like revenue, conversions, CPA, CPI, etc. on daily basis and create performance reports 
Regularly optimize campaigns to continuously improve ROAS from the campaigns
bangalore, KA, IN