DevOps Engineer (C++ Dev)

Role: DevOps Engineer

Location: Pune, India


  • Implement new Server functionality into our APIs
  • Maintain the API code base, fixing bugs and issues and improving code quality
  • Keep all libraries and packages up-to-date
  • Develop and maintain a Docker infrastructure for building the APIs
  • Maintain the JIRA backlog for the APIs: commenting, closing and opening new issues as required


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering or related field required.
  • 5 years commercial experience (post education) of Scripting and C++
  • Able to use the Linux Command line and vi editor
  • Shell/Bash knowledge
  • Docker knowledge (nice-to-have)
  • Working knowledge of C/C++ (classes, pointers, arrays, logic and loops)
  • Experienced at writing scripts one or more scripting language (Perl, Python, Ruby, Go...)
  • Linking libraries and Build systems (Make, Jam)
  • Creating packages (Debs/RPMs, Wheels, Gems)

If you are passionate about the technology that impacts our day-to-day lives and want to work with people as talented and dedicated as yourself, apply today!

pune, MH, IN