ACCA Faculty

ISDC International Skill Development Corporation is a Limited Company Registered under the Companies Act of England and Wales, 2006 and having operations across the globe. It imparts a set of Skill Development Activities through its structured plan and aims at Developing Skills for Tomorrow. The operation includes the various Skill Development Projects, Professional and Vocational Education Activities, Professional and Corporate Training, Consulting, Research & Development and other Learning Solutions.

Designation ACCA Trainer

Exp: - 3 +

Location - Bangalore/Mangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai /Delhi

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and support learners progress/journey to deliver personalized blended learning experience and achieve desired skill outcome
  • Evaluate and grade learners Project Report, Project Presentation and other documents
  • Mentor learners during support, project and assessment sessions
  • Develop, validate and implement learning content, curriculum and training programs whenever applicable
  • Comfortable and thrive in an ambiguous, high growth, fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrated credibility and integrity in communications to ensure information flows both upward and downward
  • Identifying, examining, and assessing the training needs.
  • Planning, designing, Holding meetings and presentations on learning materials when necessary
  • Ensuring that creative, interactive, multimedia presentations are created
  • Maintaining correct and accurate training records
  • Ready to travel

If you will be interested than you can directly connect with us +91 7619248222


bangalore, KA, IN