Voice and Accent Trainer [T500-4129]

Why do we need this role

To provide assistance in analysing training need, Creating training content and facilitating sessions in order to have effective learning shared with the audience

What and how is it expected to contribute to results

By ensuring the content is as per business need, sessions are facilitated well, and the learning is shared accurately with the audience. Post training, analysing the outcome by gauging the time to proficiency which in turn helps the business have the right work force to deliver the expected outcomes

Essential capabilities

  • Experience in Facilitation
  • Proficient in content development
  • Proficient in Analysing Training needs for various business requirements
  • Delivery of feedback to senior members within businesses
  • Ability to interpret requirements and tailor make programs for various needs
  • Ability to communicate complex information in a neutral and professional manner
  • Ability to build training/coaching framework
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills and ability to work in a collaborative and dynamic environment

How many years of professional experience required

  • 8 to 10 years experience
  • what kind of professional experience
  • Experience in Training/facilitation or similar experience in a customer-focused role would be ideal

What are the tasks or activities which this role is responsible each day

  • Facilitate sessions
  • Conducting training needs analysis to enhance skills based on business need
  • Helping SMEs from business deliver sessions
  • Collecting data points from sessions conducted
  • Analyzing outcomes from daily sessions
  • Performing data analysis in order to support BU/Function
  • Ensuring data is managed in compliance with internal policies and external regulations
  • Providing support to have all logistical requirements available for sessions
  • This role will have the responsibility of leading the Innovation practice within the team and expand the suite of services for business units across
  • Working in collaboration with teams to explore business requirements
  • Creating new or adopting existing models/frameworks to support BU/Division requirements
  • Proactively manage risk; meet all policy and compliance requirements; perform controls; adhere to Process and Procedures pertinent to role; and escalate events, issues or breaches as they are identified (risk accountability forms part of all roles, as everyone is responsible for managing risk and compliance
gurugram, UP, IN