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Technical Writer

What You’ll Do

We are seeking a mission-driven and self-directed Knowledge Content Specialist to join our Knowledge Management team. Reporting to the Knowledge Manager, the Knowledge Content Specialist creates, develops, and edits knowledge articles and other digital content to support Curriculum Associates’ field teams. The ideal candidate can structure and translate technical content into easy-to-read content for a variety of audiences. The Knowledge Content Specialist will work cross-functionally across Curriculum Associates to meet a variety of stakeholder and business objectives

  • Ability to identify and work with relevant subject matter experts (SME) within the business who are owners of the pre-written content. Motivate and manage SMEs to ensure commitment to updating content on a pre-agreed cycle.
  • Confident in dissecting RFPs and identifying frequently asked questions that need to be answered in a knowledge base. Ideally will have implemented a multi-lingual / international knowledge base.
  • Design and own the architecture for the overall knowledge base implementation
  • Assimilate information extracted from SMEs and re-write it into a defined style, ensuing that it is clearly articulated and easy to integrate into proposals
  • Ensure legal and operational compliance of database information
  • Work with graphics designers as required, maintaining a comprehensive library of images
  • Schedule regular reviews of the knowledge base to identify areas that need to be updated / expanded.
  • Review the structure of the knowledge base on a regular basis, to ensure that it reflects the needs of the business.
  • Provide regular training to users of the knowledge base and gather feedback on a regular basis.

Who You Are & What Makes You Qualified

  • Content specialists have an eye for detail. They are adept and finding content that appeals to their consumers, and they produce accurate, high-quality work. Employers typically require candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, marketing, or a related field. In addition, the following skills and qualifications are necessary for the job:
  • Computer literacy – understanding the landscape of online communications from working in Microsoft Word to using content management systems, content specialists are familiar with computer systems and software, and frequently use search engines to conduct research
  • Writing proficiency – to write and edit with speed and accuracy, displaying a strong knowledge of English grammar and the ability to create clear, engaging, and informative text
  • Organizational skills – organized and efficient, content specialists maintain calendars and juggle deadlines, keeping track of content throughout the editorial process and ensuring that work is submitted on time
  • Marketing knowledge – content specialists understand how to market their content; familiar with industry trends, they use the appropriate strategies to draw in consumers
  • Design and layout skills – sourcing and editing photos as necessary and ensuring that they are properly laid out, content specialists have an eye for presenting visual material
gurugram, UP, IN