Architecture Realization Engineer - Enterprise Architect Team

About Dish

Our Vision is to change the way the world communicates. Our Mission is to connect people and things.

We are reimagining the way people watch TV with services like Sling and AirTV. We are redefining the boundaries of communication and connectivity too, with our planned green field 5G cloud native network build out and the Internet of Things. Nothing is out of our reach, and the opportunity to shape the future of entertainment and technology has never been more tangible.

About the position

This role is responsible for driving software development of architecture realization by adhering and demonstrating best practices for SlingTV. Specifically, this role will be responsible for doing design and implementation of innovative thought and improvements of inclusion of web3.0 technologies in E2E Sling TV framework. Individuals should be open to work on new technologies in the area and multiple platforms. While this role will involve a lot of context switching, it would also be equally challenging, providing the opportunity to build highly distributed, highly available, highly scalable web 3.0 applications in the cloud, used by millions of SlingTV users.

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to:

● Be a true believer in innovation and R&D.

● Be comfortable with programming in multiple languages e.g Solidity, Rust, Java, Swift, C/C++, Golang, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python etc.

● Have some experience with mobile development and/or server environments.

● Be able to work independently, with teams and clearly present results.

● Be experienced working with CI/CD in the enterprise.

● Have a sound understanding of software engineering best practices and applications.

● Have experience in converting improved architecture designs into implementation in the context of business / engineering needs. Help the engineering team to adopt new architecture design and realize that into production systems.

● Be able to lead the idea by example, manage, and lead projects until they become real products.

Basic Requirements:

A successful architecture realization engineer in cryptocurrency domain should:

● Have a 4-year college degree in Computer Science / Information Technology, master’s degree is preferred or equivalent professional experience

● Have demonstrable expertise in blockchain technologies: smart contracts, cryptography, architecture, upcoming standards, interoperability issues etc.

● Have 6 - 10 years of professional experience and solid understanding of design patterns and hands-on knowledge in applying these concepts to practical problems

● Have experience in working with distributed systems and building/maintaining highly-available applications and services, preferably on a cloud platform such as AWS, Google Cloud, or other hybrid cloud environment

● Have proven ability to convert ideas in working products through high quality code.

● Have prior experience is developing production ready code and software products.

● Have prior experience in developing (and with) smart contracts, blockchain middleware, agreement protocols, interoperability protocols, identity management, applications of sidechains, transport protocols for both B2B and B2C domains.

● Have sound understanding of API gateways, load balancers, API lifecycle management and other considerations such as throttling/rate-limiting, secure access, etc., preferably with hands-on experience on Nginx and/or Apigee.

● Have hands-on experience in at least two programming languages: Solidity, Rust, Golang, C/C++, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Swift, Solidity, Vyper on Linux or Unix variants (MacOS, BSD etc).

● Have demonstrable experience with various cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fabric 2, Solidity, Solc, Remix, Ganache, Web3.js OpenZeppelin, Polkadot, XCMP, Kusama etc.

● Have hands-on experience working with CI/CD toolchain: Docker, Kubernetes & Git/GitLab, Artifactory etc.

● Have experience working in an Agile environment and the ability to work in a constantly evolving project, without losing sight of the requirements or the overall vision

Technologies in our environment:

Here are some of the key technologies that make up our environment. While we do not expect you to have a detailed understanding of each, the more of these you are familiar with the better.

● Programming Languages: Go, Java/Kotlin, C++, JavaScript, Typescript, Rust, Python

● Frameworks: ReactJS, React Native, Python, NodeJS, RPC (gRPC), AWS Serverless

● CI/CD & Dev SecOps tools: Gitlab, Artifactory, SonarQube, Argo: CD & Rollout, Vault, Terraform etc

● Automated testing: Locust, Gatlin, Gremlin, Codecept, K6 etc.

● Core Data services: Confluent Stack, Kafka, Couchbase, Cassandra, DynamoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Redis etc.

● Core platform services: Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, Consul, AWS, Jaeger, Istio, Calico etc.

  • ● Automated testing of applications, Continuous Integration (CI), TDD, and/or BDD
bangalore, KA, IN