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About Us::

We are surrounded by the world's leading consumer companies led by technology - Amazon for retail, Airbnb for hospitality, Uber for mobility, Netflix and Spotify for entertainment, etc. Food & Beverage is the only consumer sector where large players are still traditional restaurant companies. At Rebel Foods, we are challenging this status quo as we are building the world's most valuable restaurant company on the internet, superfast.

The opportunity for us is immense due to the exponential growth in the food delivery business worldwide which has helped us build 'The World's Largest Internet Restaurant Company' in the last few years. Rebel Foods current presence in 7 countries (India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh) with 15 + brands and 3500+ internet restaurants has been build on a simple system - The Rebel Operating Model.

While for us it is still Day 1, we know we are in the middle of a revolution towards creating never seen before customer-first experiences. We bring you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disrupt the 500-year-old industry with technology at its core.

We urge you to refer to the below to understand how we are changing the restaurant industry before applying at Rebel Foods. b88586223ebe cb5b0cea4dc8

Engineering History @ Rebel

In order to understand more about the challenges that you might face at Rebel, it’s important that we go back to the inception and get acquainted about our journey to date. From the times when excel sheets served as our POS system at stores having one brand, to our evolution as a company that uses smart kitchens - we have traversed the phone, web, and app channels over time. From being a single brand restaurant, we moved to be a parent company with a dozen restaurant brands under the umbrella, while simultaneously moving our operations from a single kitchen to more than 300 locations across 30 cities in India and in a few international locations. The team of engineers at Rebel has built one of the most unique platforms in the world that can not only help operate a kitchen with multiple brands but also aids in operating business at scale. To give you additional perspective, the team has built more than 40+ products in the last 4.5 years. The innovation spans through technologies like polygon architecture (dynamic delivery radius) for a multi-brand operation from a kitchen, to managing each step of the kitchen ops — queuing, load/prep time, batching of orders, out of the door algorithms; inventory prediction based on consumption data, personal

recommendation engine, deep integration with every aggregator, last-mile delivery app, CRM systems, multiple brand websites and apps, reporting and analytics systems, and more. Everything that was mentioned has been built on a tech stack developed by our Engineers. This enabled us to tackle the massive complexity of a multi-brand operation while keeping all parts of the business supremely efficient and optimized.

Future of Engineering @ Rebel

We are now building Engineering 2.0 at our company. The vision is to make technology the Brain (AI, Machine Learning, analytics to drive every business decision of the company), the Body (robotics led automation at our Kitchens, driving tremendous operational efficiency), and the Mind ( building an AI/ ML-driven virtual personal butler for customers across app, web, and voice, like Netflix of food) at Rebel. This will mean working across technologies and product/engineering teams to build solutions that would be “first - time” in the world.

Engineering @ Rebel will break new grounds.

An opportunity to revolutionize the restaurant industry

Here, at Rebel Foods, we are using technology and automation to disrupt the traditional food industry. We are focused on building an operating system for Cloud Kitchens - using the most innovative technologies - to provide the best food experiences for our customers.

You will enjoy working with us, if:

● You are passionate about solving customer problems using people, processes and technology

● You are an engineer at heart, obsessed with high quality software

● You have a flair for good technical and organizational design

● You are unafraid of making bold decisions to eliminate inefficiencies and improving the velocity of software development

● You are an owner and take responsibility for outputs and outcomes

● You are willing to dive deep to solve complex software issues

● You are a teacher and mentor

Our technology ecosystem:

● Languages: Java, Typescript, Javascript, Ruby

● Frameworks and environments: Spring Boot, NodeJS, ExpressJS

● Databases: AWS Aurora MySQL, MongoDB

● Cloud: AWS

● Microservices, Service Oriented Architecture, REST APIs, Caching, Messaging, Logging, Monitoring and Alerting

● CI/CD and DevOps

● Bitbucket, Jira

You will mostly spend time on the following:

● Leading a team of software engineers; owning and developing the roadmap to support your long term vision for the services and conducting tactical execution at the same time

● Hiring, mentoring and coaching your direct reports to be the best they can be, both in their current roles and in their careers

● Liaising with product, business and leadership teams to ensure business priorities are met

● Continuously improving management and engineering processes. Planning, estimating projects and tasks and ensuring software development best practices are being followed

● Working closely with engineers on day to day activities, including writing, reviewing and troubleshooting code

● Owning services, and managing ongoing features, fixes, and daily operations of services

● Teaching and mentoring team members

We’re excited about you if you have:

● At least 13 years of experience in software development, including experience building microservices and distributed systems

● Built and led high performing engineering teams

● Experience working with complex, high traffic, and consumer facing distributed platforms

● Proven engineering knowledge and experience

● The ability to operate at a managerial level as well as diving deep and getting your hands dirty when required

● Experience in establishing software development processes and practices; A track record of good project planning and execution

● Good communication skills, both in person and via the keyboard

● Made decisions that impacted technical design, development and planning for one or more projects / programs that impacted multiple teams or functions.

● Good programming skills in one or more languages: Java, Typescript, Javascript, C#, C++, Python or Ruby

● Experience working in Cloud environments: AWS or Azure or GCP

● Experience building secure, configurable, observable services

● Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

● The ability to mentor and teach junior and senior engineers

● The ability to collaborate effectively within and across engineering, product and business teams

The Rebel Culture

Finally, but most importantly, Rebel is not a usual workplace. The following slides will give you a sense of our culture, how Rebel conducts itself and who will fit into the company. Please go through it before you make your mind up. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Work Location:: Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon

mumbai, MH, IN