Graphic Designer

This position requires experience in digital creative – rich media, video editing, social media posts, KVs


  • Good communicator of the design work that one has done
  • Good communicator of the design language that has been used in the creative
  • Understanding the client requirement and interacting with them on a regular basis
  • Understand brand sentiment, requirements, guidelines and TG
  • Reference impactful design ideas that can be adapted
  • Crack and conceptualize creative ideas in line with brand brief
  • Execution / Project management of pitch work and case studies to be made


Professional / Academic Requirements:

  • 2+ years relevant work experience with an Advertising Agency
  • A Degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Advertising or another relevant field
  • Post Graduate Degree (Any Field)

Technical Requirements:

  • Proficient in using design software’s (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator)
  • Good understanding of photography, lighting, color palettes and positioning
  • In-depth knowledge of all digital media marketing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube)

Creative Requirements

  • Good team player - working with the team and managing the team
  • Good listener
  • Creative thinking
  • Quick conceptualization of ideas
  • Ability to add an innovative touch to work at hand
  • Up to date on creative trends & team management
Grey Group
bangalore, KA, IN