Assistant Manager / Lead Assistant Manager- NLP + OCR -PAN India

Job Summary:

At EXL, we are developing solutions for some of the most exciting and challenging AI and NLP business problems. If you want to push the existing NLP/AI knowledge boundaries then we have an excellent opportunity for you. We are looking for Data Scientists who can develop state of the art, scalable, and self-learning system for information extraction from unstructured content (text, image, speech and video). Major duty is to develop AI/ NLP solutions for business problems using in-production (feedback) data and state of the art tools and techniques.

Job Responsibilities:

- Design, develop and implement solutions for a wide range of NLP use cases involving classification, extraction and search on unstructured text data

- Create and maintain state of the art scalable NLP solutions in Python/ Java/ Scala for multiple business problems. This involves:

o Choosing most appropriate NLP technique(s) based on business needs and available data

o Performing data exploration and innovative feature engineering

o Training and tuning a variety of NLP models / solutions which include regular expressions, traditional NLP models as well as SOTA transformer based models

o Augmenting models by integrating domain specific ontologies and/or external databases

o Reporting and Monitoring the solution outcome

- Work experience with document-oriented databases such as MongoDB

- Collaborate with ML engineering team to deploy NLP solutions in production - both on premise as well as cloud deployment

- Interact with clients and internal business teams to perform solution feasibility as well as design and develop solutions

- Open to working across different domains – Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services etc.

Qualifications: Number of Years of Work Experience: 1-6 years

Education: Engineering graduate from Top Tier Universities is a plus

Required Skills:

- Experience (including graduate school) on training machine learning models, applying and developing text mining and NLP techniques

- Exposure to OCR and computer vision

- Experience in extracting content from documents is preferred

- Experience (including graduate school) with Natural Language Processing techniques is required

- Hands on experience with Natural Language Processing tools such as Stanford CORE-NLP, NLTK, spaCy, Gensim, Textblob etc.

- Experience/ Familiarity with document clustering in supervised un un-supervised scenarios

- Expertise in at least two of the state of the art techniques in NLP like BERT, GPT, XL Net etc.

- Applied experience of machine learning algorithms using Python

- Organized, self-motivated, disciplined and detail oriented

- Production level coding experience in Python is required

- Ability to read recent ML research papers and adapt those models to solve real-world problems

- Experience with any deep learning framework, including Tensorflow, Caffe, MxNet, Torch, Theano

- Experience with optimization on GPUs (a plus)

- Hands on experience with using cloud technologies on AWS/ Microsoft Azure is preferred

What we offer:

- EXL Digital offers an exciting, fast paced and innovative environment, which brings together a group of sharp and entrepreneurial professionals who are eager to influence business decisions. From your very first day, you get an opportunity to work closely with highly experienced, world class AI/ML and NLP consultants.

- You do not just spend your time performing data crunching, doing research and coding but develop yourself as a seasoned data science expert with applied industry knowledge.

- You can expect to learn many aspects of businesses that our clients engage in. We provide you an opportunity to work on a variety of use cases across different industries – Insurance, Healthcare, Banking Finance and many more

- Projects drive you to go beyond lab setup and make real impact on live use cases through production deployments

- You will also learn effective teamwork and time-management skills - key aspects for personal and professional growth

- AI/ML and NLP requires different skill sets at different levels within the organization. At EXL Digital, we invest heavily in training you in all aspects including AI/ML/NLP and cloud tools and techniques.

- We provide guidance/ coaching to every employee through our mentoring program wherein every junior level employee is assigned a senior level professional as advisors.

noida, DL, IN