Business Lead | Growth Accounts

who we think would be the perfect fit for this role.

  • An enthusiastic Technology Consulting & Sales leader with a challenger mindset who loves taking ownership & ‘getting things done’!
  • A consulting + value selling techie-humorist (yes, if you love doing Sheldon impressions, we want you on our team!)!
  • A believer of servant-leadership who inspires followership through passion, integrity, and leading by example.
  • Technology enthusiast - excited about leveraging Cloud & Applied AI technology to solve business problems & have the ability to connect the dots, suggest right services and articulate highly scalable solutions.
  • This position will have responsibility for bringing in exponential sales growth. The ideal candidate will possess a unique blend of business, technical and strategic thinking along with tactical execution experience. Apply ONLY IF you are “driven” by deal closures and are excited about beating (‘and not just meeting’) targets.

Job Responsibilities

  • Defining and delivering consulting & sales strategy in line with the business goals for Growth Accounts across India.
  • Oversee and manage a team of Cloud Consultants, spanning across 8+ locations within India.
  • Support the formation of a Go-to-market strategy for new, as well as existing products & Services.
  • Work closely with Google Cloud business, sales & customer engineering leadership teams and drive joint co-consult strategy
  • Identify industry-specific technical solutions & accelerate their adoption across businesses.
  • Work closely with the CEO’s, CTO’s of Searce’s client base (top start-ups) and be their strategic advisor for all things ‘Cloud’ as we help them scale.
  • Participate at industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions providing thought leadership & make meaningful connections with partners, clients, and vendors.
  • Manage thought leadership and influence on driving broader organizational growth by contributing to strategic plans for Searce’s Global Growth.


  • Is Education overrated? Yes. We believe so. But there is no way to locate you otherwise. So we might look for at least a Bachelor’s degree and prefer an MBA in Sales & Marketing/ Strategy from a Tier-1 or Tier-2 university.
  • Or else, did you leverage sales & consulting strategies to help your friend’s business scale up while in High School? For us, the latter is better as it shows you have the sales-y mindset. We will find you faster if you specify the latter in some manner. :)
  • At least 8 years of consulting/selling/closing deals in the professional services space across the below areas will be preferred:
  • Tech Consulting and Application Development services,
  • Cloud & Data migration and modernization,
  • Public Cloud managed services.
  • Applied AI & Data Analytics based services
  • At least 4 years of experience in direct sales. Handling quota of $5M+ annually
  • Critical thinking, decisiveness, and ability to work well in demanding & ambiguous client environments.
  • Love for constantly doing better, in everything.
  • Ability to work in a young, fast-paced environment.
  • Experience in start-up/scaling a growth stage organization would be valuable.

What is ‘searce’

Searce means ‘a fine sieve’ & indicates ‘to refine, to analyze, to improve’. It signifies our way of working: To improve to the finest degree of excellence, ‘solving for better every time. Searcians are passionate improvers & solvers who love to question the status quo.

The primary purpose of all of us, at Searce, is driving intelligent, impactful & futuristic business outcomes using new-age technology. This purpose is driven passionately by HAPPIER people who aim to become better, every day.

What we do

Searce is a modern tech consulting firm that empowers clients to futurify their businesses, leveraging Cloud, Automation, AI & Analytics.

We are a category-defining ‘niche’ cloud-native technology consulting company, specializing in modernizing (improving, automating & transforming) the full scope of infra, app, process & work.

  • We partner with clients in their ‘beyond x’ journey to drive intelligent, impactful & futuristic business outcomes.
  • We are the most preferred tech partner of choice when it comes to ‘solving for better’ for the new-age tech startups & digital enterprises, leading disruption in their industries.
  • Our Service Offerings: We offer Advanced Cloud, Data & App Modernization, Cloud Consulting, Management & Improvement (DevOps, SysOps & Cloud Managed Services), Applied AI, BPM, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Analytics services.
  • As one of the top 5 niche’ full scope global partners for Google Cloud & a preferred partner for AWS, we are the most preferred ‘engineering-led’ tech company of choice when it comes to solving complex business problems.

Searce Inc
gurugram, UP, IN