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About Us


Humour Me is a branded content in entertainment agency built for the here and now.

We live in an age of smart technology but archaic agencies. Agencies don’t seem to have evolved in the way they work. Our aim is not be the biggest agency but the smartest agency.


If that sounds unfamiliar, think about us this way – what if Disney or Spielberg were to create an advertising agency today? It would be the world’s greatest creative shop, because they truly understand how to capture attention, and how to stay innovative when it comes to shaping culture with their ideas and stories.


At Humour Me, our aim is to bring great ideas to life, no matter how big or small – and we do this by thinking like creators, not agents. We are artists operating in the business world to contribute with our creativity. The kind of brands that partner us are category inventors and leaders who dare to do be bold, innovative and do brave work.


Here’s a short brand film we had created in 2015 (it’s still relevant today) to understand our DNA better:  


You can learn more about the brands we work with, and explore our work here:


Design at Humour Me


Designers join Humour Me to do the most impactful work of their careers - work that moves people and creates a positive impact on society. Agencies and brands suffer from a lack of good design. In fact, many believe that the great graphic designers of don’t work at agencies. They either choose to freelance or work at boutique design studios. We don’t believe that! We believe great designers need to be nurtured, mentored and given the right opportunities for exposure to flourish. Designers can never be nurtured in an assembly line or a factory floor-first mentality agency ecosystem.


Great design is born in environments where designers feel they can dare to create work without judgement and constantly be exposed to leadership talent that can inspire them to be better each day. We want our design department to be the best in class, one that can create national and hopefully global impact with their work.


Job Summary


The Graphic Designer understands design principles, has a strong point of view and develops a consistent approach to the work. The Designer’s craft is fine-tuned at this level, while they bring concepts and designs to life with some oversight, and begin to learn to present their work to wider audiences. 


Job Responsibilities 


  • Execute design solutions that reflect the client’s goals and vision, with oversight from Art Directors 
  • Provide a communications and visual design point of view   
  • Participate in discussions to clarify purposes and objectives that bring brand strategy and creative ideas to life
  • Actively participate and contribute to ideation sessions representing the look and feel of possible communications and experiences
  • Build and maintain a working relationship with other design and agency departments and functions
  • Assist the team with brainstorming, implementing design concepts, infographics, image creation, asset gathering, typesetting, and any other design needs
  • Create visual concepts, designs, and layouts for a variety of mediums and formats
  • Prepare final artwork and assets for online use such as banner and website ads and pages
  • Manage and complete multiple tasks and projects within deadlines and constraints while tracking details with oversight



 Basic Qualifications


  • Portfolio or samples of work demonstrating smart, brand-building designs and executions



Preferred Qualifications


  • A minimum of 1-2 years of professional graphic design experience (preferably for digital media)
  • Expert proficiency in Photoshop and InDesign
  • Experience with digital media content
  • Exceptional organizational and planning skills, including exacting attention to detail and follow-through
  • Strong oral and written communication skills for effective communication to internal creative staff and account management
  • Excellent organizational skills to work efficiently and effectively in both personal time management and ability to extend such practices across a team
  • Demonstrated ability of working in a self-sufficient manner with minimal supervision
  • Ability to multitask, manage simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment

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