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Head of School

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Need Americans, Europeans, Or Australians

No Indians Please

Set high expectations from the staff on their personal and professional development. Work closely with the respective department heads, Principal and Coordinators in developing the teaching and non-teaching staff at School.

Objectively evaluate staff performance on the laid-out criterion and recommend staff promotions, increments, bonuses, or incentives. Seek approval from the Board on the proposal.

Create an environment of continuous learning and self-development and enable the staff realize their potential and career aspirations.

Encourage constructive dialogue and discussion between peers and senior colleagues on areas of development. Continuously update self on progressive ways of learning and growth.

PostalCode: 500001

Recruiter: Bhoomi Suthat - +91-6357 063 959

Created Date: 29-07-2021

Desired Skills:

Strategic thinking

Team leadership and management

Project management

Communication and influencing

Forging Strategic alliances

Capacity utilization of Students

Student’s success ratio

Engagement with parent’s community

Staff engagement and development

Brand building and other strategic initiatives


Work closely with the School board of directors in setting the long term vision, and values for the institution. Create and establish a brand identity in the education industry

Responsible for upholding the brand name and reputation of school. Establish operational mechanisms to assure the Board of mitigating any risks to the School.

Oversee brand building initiatives through various channels like social media engagement, industry representations, corporate tie ups, accreditations, inter-school knowledge sharing and competitions etc

Maintain a healthy diversity and mix of students and staff to bring global perspective to learning.

Experience Requirements: Minimum 15 Years of Experience Required

hyderabad, TG, IN