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Lead Implementation Consultant

Lead Implementation Consultant


Lead Implementation Consultant is a post-sales position that focuses on individual clients and implementing Edifecs solutions purchased by that client. Consultant will generally be involved in installing, configuring, and overseeing the implementation of Edifecs products at client sites. This includes installation of products on Edifecs or client hardware; configuration and development of programs, tasks and guidelines, to fully implement an Edifecs solution based upon a client’s specific needs. The Implementation Consultant will be the primary Client Services technical resource and will interface with the clients technical resources. Duties can range from delivering product training to new client specific requirements, development and deployment. The role involves client coordination and communication as well as a high technical understanding of Edifecs solutions as well as the transactions that flow through this position.

What you will do:

  • Coordinate and communicate with the client post-sale to develop an implementation plan for implementing and configuring a purchased Edifecs solution based upon a client’s individual needs.
  • Collaborate with the Edifecs Implementation Architect / Technical Project Manager to formulate the architecture, implementation strategy/schedule and operational plan.
  • Install, upgrade and configure Edifecs products at client site.
  • Integrate Edifecs products with other software assets/processes at customer site.
  • Coordinate with other Client Services, Product and Development team members to meet development and configuration milestones, being able to develop guidelines, programs, tasks, reports, etc. to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Provide post- implementation support during the transition from implementation to maintenance.
  • Provide software and client specific training, and develop training documentation based on present standards and client needs.
  • Mentor and train internal teams upon Edifecs products and customer custom components
  • Work with customer as a SME upon purchased Edifecs products and solutions
  • Strong written and verbal presentation skills required. Must be comfortable interacting with clients technical teams.
  • Must be able to manage or participate in the testing and release cycle tasks for deployment of Edifecs products and services at client sites.
  • Must be able to create detailed user and operational documentation to support the deployment of products and services at client sites.
  • Must be comfortable delivering technical training at customer sites as part of the customer's software release and deployment cycle.
  • Excellent communications, presentation and interpersonal skills.

What you will bring:

· Understanding of Application Integration/ Enterprise Application Integration

· "Working experience on middleware tools - JCAPS, Web method, WMBI, AquaLogic etc. OR have worked on/ have understanding of other messaging engines - IBM MQ, Active MQ etc."

· Exposure to Integration Design Patterns

· Good understanding of any of the different message format like XML, STX, EDI, EDIFACT, ISO, ACORD, HL7, IHE etc.

· Good working knowledge and experience with Java programming, Java Script, XML, HTML and some scripting knowledge including Perl scripts

· Familiarity with Oracle and/or SQL Server as database from an application perspective connection strings, SQL scripts, JDBC, and general trouble shooting.

· Good understanding of Application Server

· Experience with - Technical requirements document, process flow diagrams, and deployment and user operations guides

· Develop technical Design

· Release management

· Good Understanding of healthcare (Payer/Provider)

· Understanding of EDI transactions (preferably HIPAA)

· Good process orientation and understanding of product implementation space.

· Good Communication Skills

· Trouble shooting and Analytical skills

· Project scope, estimation and change management

· Knowledge of Implementation methodology of any product or solution

· Experience in technical training (internal/ external)

About Edifecs

Edifecs is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate innovation. We empower healthcare organizations to scale the partnerships required by payment, care delivery and access reform initiatives that are redefining the healthcare industry. We are disruptors, scientists, data nerds, doctors and artists. We believe information technology can revolutionize healthcare. Edifecs has grown from a small start-up to the market leader in our space, and today boasts over 375 healthcare clients that include 25 Blue Plans, over 50 Commercial Plans, 100’s of Healthcare Providers, State and Federal agencies, along with partnership arrangements with most leading middleware stack vendors. Edifecs is regularly recognized as a leader in the Healthcare IT. We have received recognition and awards and continue to be recognized for our overall performance as a company, our dynamic workplace culture and our commitment to innovation.

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