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Software Dev Engineer III- Backend Java

Job Summary
Software Development Engineers (SDEs) are the creative minds developing the software applications that make life easier for customers. Responsible for the entire development and support process for a software programme. Your applications make previously complex tasks simple with the impact ranging from saving time effort or money to re-defining normal

In this job I
• Take a business problem and come up with the technical strategy (push vs pull etc real time vs batches sync vs async) within the team high level design and lead the implementation
• Need minimal directions or guidance and collaborate with SDEs across teams working on the same or similar business problem
• You showcase exemplary behaviour in your work – your design delivery code processes all set examples for your team
• Influence your team’s technical and business strategy by suggesting novel approaches
• Able to communicate your ideas and get feedback from different stakeholders and drive convergence to
achieve the right outcomes
• Proactively mentor the rest of the team and help in hiring
• Ensure design or architectural deficiencies are addressed and routinely simplify integration of your peer
teams with your team’s software
• Consistently lead delivery of valuable features
• Continually propose and drive process improvements
• Help elaborate requirements where necessary •
• Programming
o Demonstrate in depth knowledge of IDE language and toolset in language of choice.
o Implement critical path components in a large or complex or project.
o Demonstrate excellent understanding of language & framework and a good working knowledge of
the abstraction layer underneath
o Profile and optimise code
o Understand threads threading model and concurrent programming
o Comfortably test drive any feature/comfortable with TDD cycle
o Demonstrate a good knowledge of other programming languages & paradigms and when to apply
o Comfortably debug/find complex problems
o Identify and apply appropriate design patterns to problems
o Comfortably develop large features
o Understand Idempotence
o Actively practice the boy scout principle leaves design code in a better state than when arrived o Demonstrate a good understanding of cohesion SOLID and how to apply
o Understand importance of domain model and can coherently model a problem domain within a
given context
o Anticipate medium term (3-6 month) vectors of change and designs and abstracts accordingly o Understand and appreciate simplicity and the value of removing code
o Understand design patterns such as CQRS and eventual consistency
o Understand how to design for performance at all levels
•Development Practice
o Automate everything by default
o Build a CI/CD pipeline
o Automate security scanning and performance testing as part of build

o Demonstrate a good grasp of multiple operating systems
o Demonstrate a good grasp of scripting techniques
o Demonstrate expertise in one database & good grasp of multiple data storage paradigms and
when to apply other technologies
o Understand and can automate PaaS technologies
o Understand when to apply appropriate infrastructure technologies
o Write secure code by default
o Use tools to perform deep security probes o Understand server hardening
Technology Stack:
1.OS : Linux Windows
2.IDE : Eclipse IntelliJ
3.Languages : Java Spring Boot & Kotlin
4.Scripting : Python Groovy
5.Unit Test : Junit WireMock
6.Tools : JMeter GitHub Postman Swagger
7.WebServers : Tomcat Jetty
8.Design Patterns : API Design patterns
9.Architecture Styles : MVC
10.Databases : MS SQL Oracle Pl/SQL CouchDB
11.Monitoring and Logging Tools : Splunk and Appdynamics
12.Cloud Technologies : Azure or Similar
13.CI/CD – Jenkins Azure DevOps Nexus
14.Integration Tools : Kafka Knifi or Similar
15.Build Tools : Maven Gradle
Technology Stack: 1. OS : Linux Windows 2. IDE : Eclipse IntelliJ 3. Languages : Java Spring Boot & Kotlin 4. Scripting : Python Groovy 5. Unit Test : Junit WireMock 6. Tools : JMeter GitHub Postman Swagger 7. WebServers : Tomcat Jetty 8. Des
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