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Manager (IP Operations/Sales)

We are looking for IP Professionals for the senior positions, including Team Leader, Assistant Manager, and Manager (operations as well as sales).

Work experience:

We are preferring candidates having 4-8 years of relevant work experience in the patent field, primarily in patent services related to prior art searches, product searches, patent portfolio evaluations, and ranking, and/or patent analytics, including technology landscapes, competitive benchmarking, monitoring, and other similar areas. We prefer candidates who have developed expertise in specific areas of patents rather than someone knowing all services from the surface. For instance, if you have a track record of finding invalidating prior arts and invalidated more than 80% of the patents using out-of-box search approaches, then we are looking for you, likewise, if you can bring out new but meaningful insights every time a technology landscape is assigned to you, then you are relevant to us. Last, you should be keen on learning new things, and at the same time, you should have the ability to effectively and efficiently train and manage a team.

Personality Traits:

If you are someone who fits in well in different company cultures, understand their way of working, and tries maximizing your worth by delivering maximum value to the company by contributing to a healthy team building, sharing your suggestions on improving the work processes, and takes responsibility for your work, then you're kind of person we're looking for this responsible position. Of course, you should have a robust value system and work ethic, high curiosity, and be trainable, enabling us to give you a charge of our people.

Selection Process:

Share your resume at Aditi.gupta@icuerious and;

We shall give you a call back should we select you for the selection process; and then

Online Interview and/or a written test.

Job Location: Chandigarh/Mohali

No work from home!! You should be COVID-vaccinated before joining us from the office.

chandigarh, CH, IN