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Android Developer

Key Responsibilities:

- Own end to end product modules/features (from requirement to going live)
- Design & code review, troubleshoot & help team members on issues

Qualifications Required:

- B.Tech in Computer Science is preferred
- Experience in Android-specific application development.
- Relevant experience of 3-7 years
- Must have experience of working in a product based organisation/ startup

About Chalo:

Chalo is a free app that tracks ‍‍‍buses live and tells you what time your bus will reach your stop. Now you never have to wait at a bus stop ever again.

Transport is fast becoming a fundamental need - like water or air. More people are travelling more and more every day. Yet, only around 15% of Indians can afford their own car, private taxi or a two-wheeler. The remaining 85% depend on public transport. Moreover, with growing traffic and congestion it’s becoming increasingly clear that private transport is causing more problems that it is solving; and a small but significant (and growing) segment are outright rejecting car ownership, even if they can afford it.

At Chalo, our core purpose is to make travel better for everyone, and we believe that our cities, our health and our lives will be better when we improve the way we travel.

We have begun our journey by focusing on bus travel - making it easier for those that rely on it, and also for those that are choosing it. Buses, as a mode of transport, form the core architecture of any city's transport system. They also offer the largest improvement areas and the largest opportunity to create an impact, with 2 out of 3 public transport users depending on buses for their travel.

We welcome a conversation with anyone who shares our vision and values, and especially those who wish to offer a counter-point :-)

Chalo! Skills:- Android Development, Java and Mobile App Development
bangalore, KA, IN