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Technical Program Manager III

Job summary
Amazon Business (AB) represents an incredible opportunity to address a vast new market segment and customer base for Amazon. AB is one of the fastest growing businesses in Amazon's history. Already available in 9 countries, serving over 5 million customers worldwide and generating over $25B in annual revenue, we are focused on building solutions that solve the unique needs of business customers of all types and s from SMB to the largest multi-national enterprise businesses in the world, and we are just getting started. We're setting aggressive goals for our international expansion, launching in multiple new marketplaces annually for the foreseeable future. This comes with the challenge of not only working across organizations, but also developing the strategy, technology, and mechanisms to enable our ambitious goals. We want people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and push hard to help us achieve something audacious and have the perseverance to push through the inevitable obstacles. We will make a huge business impact, bringing $3.1B of new revenue to Amazon by expanding the B2B market to 9 new countries by 2024.
The ideal candidate will have a proven capacity to manage large technical projects and deliver results. They will be able to communicate clearly to Managers, Developers, Product Managers, Directors and VPs about all aspects of the project. They will be able to dive deep into technical challenges, analyze and make significant contributions to technical designs, evaluate existing solutions and propose new options, supported with facts and data. They will solve problems and build mechanisms to make us more efficient and effective. They will have the courage to take on big challenges and the perseverance to deliver. They will find joy in working daily with our global tech teams to deliver results for Amazon customers.
Key job responsibilities
1. Own the project plan for a multi-country launch of AB.
2. Be a key contributor to the technical vision which enables us to go-faster with international expansion.
3. Manage int'l expansion work across AB teams in Seattle, Austin, Madrid and Hyderabad.
4. Build mechanisms to enable our go-faster initiatives.
5. Identify, track and resolve internal and external challenges and roadblocks of all kinds.
6. Present well-reasoned and data-driven solution proposals in both verbal and written form to gain support for and prioritize your recommendatoins and deliver results.
7. Communicate clearly and concisely with executives, business and technology teams.
8. Work closely with Managers and Developers to deliver results frugally and effectively.
About the team
The Amazon Business International Expansion (ABIX) team is a is a new, global, multi-discipline team, with the charter to expand AB to new international marketplaces. We don't follow the traditional launch plans, but strive to build strategies and identify opportunities that move us faster by taking on multiple marketplaces simultaneously and rapidly adopting and building new technology. Our charter sets us up for challenges with broad scope. We'll touch every feature of AB and essentially every aspect of the eCommerce experience. We will move fast, try new things, make mistakes, learn, adapt, and grow. Innovation will be a daily activity as opposed to a once-in-a-while diversion. Along the way, we're going to face seemingly impossible challenges. So, bring your imagination, capacity for new insights, and a healthy disregard for the impossible.
Experience managing projects across cross functional teams, building sustainable processes and coordinating release schedules
7+ years of experience working directly with engineering teams
5+ years of technical program management experience
Interest and/or experience in one or more of the following
1. Distributed Systems
2. Microservices
3. Amazon Web Services, S3, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, etc.
4. International software development
5. eCommerce platforms
secunderabad, TG, IN