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Big Data Streaming & Processing Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for a Streaming & Processing Software Engineer here at Pluralsight! We are interested in remote candidates from anywhere in the USA. We also are interested in candidates near our headquarters in Draper, Utah. The ideal candidate would have experience with SQL and be interested in Stream Processing using tools like Kafka Streams, Apache Spark, Akka Streams, Flink, KSQLDB, Snowflake, or other similar technologies.

We are also very interested in candidates who want to learn these data streaming and processing techniques.

The Opportunity

We are processing lots of data from all over Pluralsight! Our team's results power advanced Analytics & Insights that drive our customers' use of Pluralsight. Additionally, we aggregate new streams of data in ideal ways for our application teams to easily use in their user experiences. This opportunity is to be part of an amazing team that serves Pluralsight's most valuable enterprise clients.

Who you are

  • You drive healthy team discussion. You bring thought-provoking questions and contribute to psychological safety. These discussions lead to powerful learnings and action items for the entire team.

  • You value the contributions of those around you and while you regularly provide valuable engineering leadership. You also embrace opportunities to let other team members lead and make decisions.

  • You collaborate and decide on solutions with your team rather than dictate solutions to them. You prefer to use leadership and persuasion, rather than title and authority, to inspire and lead others.

  • You value finding that ideal solution that balances the technical needs of the system with the strategic needs of the business. You facilitate discussions around trade offs.

  • You feel a pragmatic urgency around delivering value to customers and see how engineering excellence unlocks our ability to deliver. Delivering to customers energizes you and your drive inspires those around you.

Experience you'll need:
  • Beginner coding skills

  • Beginner understanding of databases

You'll love working with us if you like

  • Taking ownership for your own code without QA engineers

  • Pair & mob programming - we value collaborative development

  • Continuous Delivery - teams independently ship code to prod every day

  • Kanban & Lean - continuous flow

  • Continual improvement - we take time to sharpen the saw and adjust how we work

  • Autonomous & responsible teams - making their own product & dev choices

  • Multi-functional teams - collaborating through all phases of the product development process

  • Customer research - we build what our customers actually want

  • Trusting leaders - who trust us to build and look to us to set our own timelines

  • Proven technology - of the team's choice, for the right job

Bonus points for experience with:

  • Structured Stream Processing (e.g., Apache Spark)

  • OLAP (Online Analytics Processing) Technologies or Platforms

  • Software development experience with Scala using TDD

  • Apache Kafka


  • Architecting, implementing, and supporting real time streaming applications that provide insights and analytics to customers

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery platforms (GitLab, Teamcity)

  • Writing unit/integrations tests, performing code reviews, and leading/participating in design discussions about architecture, data shape, and business logic

  • Other Streaming Frameworks, like Akka Streams, Flink, KSQLDB, etc

  • SQL

  • Database structure design & query performance tuning

  • Docker and Kubernetes

  • DataBricks

  • Machine Learning Frameworks


Salary Range
$75,000.00 - $104,000.00
per Year
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Farmington, UT, 84025, US