SAP HCM Payroll/Time SME

Job Description

Indian Payroll (incl Claims & Reimbursements),Time (Positive & Negative),PMS, OM,PA (incl Esep),As the SAP HR Functional Consultant, will be supporting, maintaining and configuring for below SAP HCM modules like:Organization Management Create and maintain the organizational structure objects like organizational unit, jobs, tasks and positions, assigned the tasks to positions and integrated all of these into the enterprises organizational plan. Modifying existing Organizational structure with help of Organization & St affing (PPOC) and expert mode (PP01) and working on info types set up (time constraints) in organizational management. Integration with the PA module with the help of switches.  Creation of custom OM relationships to meet client reporting requirements.Personn el Administration Configuring Enterprise Structure (PAs, PSAs), Personnel Structure (EGs, ESGs) and assign Personnel Area to Compa ny Code and Employee Subgroup to Employee Group etc.  Configuring number range intervals for personnel numbers and maintain featur e NUMKR for defaulting personnel numbers. Define Employee Attributes, Administrator Groups and maintain features. Configuring Pers onal data, Payroll data etc. Setting up of Personnel Actions like Hiring, Transfer, Separation etc. Configuring Info Groups and Info type Menus, using Customizing Procedures. Screen ModificationsTime Management (Positive and Negative) Configuring the Publ ic Holidays and assigned to Holiday Calendar according to the client requirement.  Configuring Break schedules, Daily work schedul es, Period work schedules and work schedule rules.  Generate work schedules manually and maintain features SCHKZ & TMSTA. Setup employee subgroup grouping for work schedules. Configuring counting class for period work schedules. Configuring Attendance/Absenc e types and Time quotas. Configuring Attendance/Absence Counting rule and Deduction rule as per the client requirement. Calculat ed Absence entitlements by setting Base entitlements and Generating Rules for Quota type selection. Time Wage Type Generation usin g T510S Table. Work on TM00 and TM04 Schema and Customized PCR’s as per client requirement. Set up Absence valuation to generate time wage types. Define grouping for Q, W, T, A, & D and customize the grouping rule TMON. Shift Scheduling.Payroll Configur ing Payroll Areas, Period Parameter, Date Modifier, and Generation of Payroll Periods and create Control Records. Configuring Pay Scale Types and Pay Scale Areas, Pay Scale Groups and Levels. Configuring custom wage types and characteristics for Basic Pay (IT0 008), Recurring Payments and Deductions (IT0014) and Additional Payments (IT0015) Infotypes, Loan (IT0045) Infotypes. Maintain Ind irect Evaluation Model (INVAL, SUMME, and PRZNT) with variants A and B according to Business Process. Configuring Reimbursements, Allowances and Perks and Statutory Contributions PF, ESI, PTax and ITax. Set up Valuation Bases for different wage types.  Confi guring various features ABKRS, TARIF, LGMST, 40ECC, 40ACK, 40EPF etc. Configuring Processing Classes and Cumulation Classes, Evalu ation Classes and their Specifications as per requirement. IN00 Schema and Custom PCR’s as per client requirement. Customizing a nd Creation of new Schema, Rules, Operation & define decision operations on features. Partial period factoring and storage by cust omizing rules XVAL & XPPF. Posting to Financial Accounting: Defining employee grouping/account assignment, definingsymbolic accou nts, defining wage type posting attributes and accounts assignment.E â€" Sepration Configuration like Basic setting, Field configu ration, Reason and Mailing, Counselling, Approvals, Due Clearance, Correspondence Letters etc Maintaining features like 99TID, 99D ED, 99AKD, 99RKD, 99STR, 99ACS

mumbai, MH, IN