Logistic Assistant

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Logistic Assistant

Date: Jun 22, 2022 Division: Plasma Control Technologies (40000002) Location:
Penang, MY
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The COMET Group is one of the world’s leading companies in optimizing its customers’ products and services by providing high-quality components, systems and services in the fields of x-ray, vacuum and RF technology.

COMET Plasma Control Technologies is a leading expert in RF power delivery and a global innovation partner of RF related businesses. Our customers are primarily manufacturers in the semiconductor and adjacent industries.


Responsible in performing shipping duties in relation to inbound, outbound, and packaging activities.
Assist Logistic Specialist in dealing with freight forwarders and regulators.
Perform submission of custom document as required.
Responsible in compiling and perform good record keeping of inbound and outbound documents for shipment and clearance purposes.
Liaise and resolve issues with freight forwarders, custom brokers and regulators on matters regarding to inbound and outbound shipment.
Responsible to ensure all indirect packaging materials are available for packaging activities.
Assist in preparation of reports to regulatory authorities on a timely manner.
Manage and liaise with CSR for preparation of shipping documents.
Responsible to comply and adhere to company regulation and policy.


Minimum Diploma in Science or Arts or its equivalent with 2 years experience working in shipping or logistic department
Experience working with regulators (Custom, SIRIM, MITI, MIDA) and freight forwarders is an added advantage
A driver, team player and meticulous with good communication skills

We will provide you with a multifaceted challenge in a successful Swiss company that continues to grow. You will work in a dynamic, international environment, collaborating with colleagues from all disciplines (from development to production to sales).
George Town, 07, MY