Operations Manager

Roles and Responsibilities-
Assess Credit worthiness and the ability of the customer to repay back the loan in future.
Meeting & interacting with customers ,identifying the specific needs of the customer and suggesting optimal solutions. It also includes managing objections of the customers.
Collecting & Checking the Documents (Eg. credit , loan agrements, application form, guarantee forms) ( Legal consequenses)
Entire sequence of steps, from the time a loan application is received (or a loan offer is accepted) to the time loan is closed, the loan proceeds are disbursed.
A. With customer - transaction oriented/relationship oriented to generate more business

B.Managing relations within the organisation / with the channel partners
Cross-Selling of HDFC Group company products eg. HDFC SLIC / HDFC ERGO
Enhancing business from existing corporates, establishing new arrangements with corporates / developers for generating business for HDFC Ltd.
Understand the customer's requirements or problems completely & respond quickly to the needs of both external & internal customers
Excellent Oral & Written Communication / Providing Information to customers / Internal communication for co-ordination with departments and channels
Work as a team and contribute as a team , not only focus on individual brilliance / Help colleagues in achieving the team targets
Aggressiveness/Adaptability/Flexibility/Competitive Spirit vis-à-vis ethics
Adhere strictly to standard operating procedures. Awareness of the end to end process and the role that he plays as a part of the process that impacts the customer / TAT / Responsibility for process improvement
Probing to understand customer's need , managing objections, Structuring solutions , closing.
TAT/ Punctuality/ Time taken with the customer /Prioritizing / Multitasking
Personal traits like integrity & sincerity has to be of exceptionally high
Indepth knowledge about the various geographic locations/landmarks and the ability to understand the real estate scenario in the city.
Fluency in the local language will be an added advantage.
Bhopal, MP, IN