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Electrical Design Engineer

1. Review and comment on the Owner's design criteria for the Electrical systems function, performance and maintainability.
2. Ensure compliance with the most current applicable state laws, and regulations, and adopted codes.
3. Meeting(s) with the design team to review the project assumptions and the project approach
4. Verify and document compliance with Owner's criteria throughout the construction, start-up and initial period of operation and determine whether systems are functioning in accordance with Contract Documents and applicable laws and regulations.
5. To be involved throughout the project from design, construction, substantial completion, commissioning and through the warranty phase.
6. To provide documented confirmation that the facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of the building Owner, occupants, operators and the design plans and specifications.
7. To be available for problem solving along with client to resolve any issues of non-conformance & design deficiencies.
8. Inspect the electrical systems to ensure compliance to design and conformance to the adopted building codes.
9. Presentation of peer review findings and peer review report based on the documents submitted.
10. Review all available relevant documents as the design progresses, including drawings, and specifications
hyderabad, TG, IN