Sr. Finance Manager

To assist the accountant/Senior Accounts Manager in planning, developing system and procedures according to the company business model and policies and compliance with the accounting standard and statutory requirement and providing sufficient financial information to the board/ management to enable them to make effective and efficient decision making.

To assist in establishing or recommending to the management major corporate strategic, objectives and financial policies and procedure for the company.
To assist in planning and developing accounting system and procedures according to the company business model and policies.
To assist in developing, sourcing, controlling and overseeing the computerized accounting system and liaising with IT personnel for upgrading and improvement purposes.
To assist in ensuring the accounting treatments are compliance with the accounting standard and procedures.
To assist in ensuring the management reports and relevant financial information are submitted to the board/ management on timely basis to assist them in decision making. To assist in providing the management with timely reviews of the financial status and progress in its various programs and activities. To assist in monitoring the financial progress of the company business project to ensure the targeted revenue and profitability level are in line with plans and to recommend to the management the appropriate actions.
Review debtors aging report to ascertain status of collections and balance outstanding and to evaluate effectiveness of current policies and procedure on credit limitation and collection. To take the sufficient actions to clear the debtors outstanding by sending the statement of Account, reminders and other appropriate actions to recover the outstanding amount.
To assist and oversee the daily operation of the account department at Kotaraya Campus. Checking and verifying all payment voucher and ensure all payment are properly supported by relevant and sufficient supporting documents.
To coordinate with the Head of Department for the budget preparation, review budget proposals and ensure relevant supporting documents and justification are attached to the proposal. To monitor the company expenditures are within the approved budget and to perform variance analysis between budgeted figures and actual expenses and revenue and to alert the management of any significant issues.
Advise management on insurance coverage protection against property losses and potential liability.
To assist in ensuring the company tax affair is managed effectively and compliance with the income tax act. To assist and advising the management on desirable operational adjustment due to change in tax structure.
To assist in managing the company cash flow effectively. To maintain sufficient cash level to cater the daily operating expenses and immediate needs. Any excess or surplus funds to transfer to short term deposit or secured investment for the purpose of maximizing the company return on surplus operating funds.
To assist in establishing relations with Banks and other financial institutions, monitoring and liaising with the Bank with regard to the banking facility and other bank related matters.
Liaise with the Auditor and company secretary and cooperate with them to fulfill the requirements set up by the statutory body.
To co-ordinate and liaise with other department with regards to the financial matters.
To perform other duties as directed by the board/ management

Refer to signing Authority Matrix

Minimum Bachelor Degree in Accounting/ Business Studies/ Finance
Minimum 5 years working experience in related position
General knowledge for the computer skill (Microsoft Office Software)
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