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Lead (Business Process Management)

Why do we need this role

This role has the below accountabilities in support of the AVP Busines Process Management broader goals:

DATA and MANAGEMENT INFORMATION Build, maintain and improve a reporting suite for the NICI detailing performance against a set of measures including but not limited to productivity, system uptime and latency, property maintenance and support, business case execution and benefit realisation (in conjunction with onshore project Wheel colleagues). The reporting suite will for the basis for the NICI to be a data and insight led business.

NICI SITE MGMT AND DAY TO DAY EXECUTION Ensuring that all colleague value proposition and local (and Bank specific) commitments around physical operations are met. This will include OHS requirements being document, understood and executed, Business continuity plans being defined, tested, robust and in line with Bank's control environment and taking an over-arching mgmt. view on the NICIs various obligations and governance accordingly.

ONBOARDING and OFFBOARDING Ensuring that Bank's colleague experience is seamless. Technology and supporting items are available on day one, work well and fit for purpose, alongside assurance across colleague offboarding including hardware collection and recycling and adequate UAM mgmt. to avoid potential losses for Bank.

What and how is it expected to contribute to results

Data: build and execution of quality reporting suite from day one in the NICI

Proactive mgt: Mgmt of issues and pathway to green plans for all identified operational breaches

Seamless colleague experience: Coming to and leaving the NICI is easy, and aligns to or is more robust than normal Bank processes

Essential capabilities

Prior demonstrated operations (hard) experience 12 years depending on the seniority of role

Demonstrated existing industry partner relationships with ability to leverage quickly to NICI advantage preferable if in Delhi, Bangalore to multiple jurisdiction's

Has prepared information and insights for executive level teams previously

A deep understanding of MIS and data ability work with and develop reporting requirements and execute against (Power BI preferable)

Key tasks; accountabilities and challenges of this role

What are the tasks or activities which this role is responsible each day: Functional running of the centre from an infrastructure and premises perspective. Data provision to build narrative and improvements from.

What are the main challenges of the role

Starting from scratch with no reporting basis, working with ANSR to find right vendors at balance of cost and quality

What and how is it expected to contribute to results

Productivity via well run operations. Right tech in hands of right colleagues in right place to optimise productivity. Supported by an excellent reporting suite to identify problems and opportunities proactively.

Prior experience providing Senior Leadership Team services to a multi-national company even better if Australasian

Gurgaon, HR, IN