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Organization Description:

No Cold Calling. Unique Sales and Ownership Opportunity. Commission Only Position

Are you someone who has the ambition and drive to make $100,000+/year but lacks the right opportunity? Are you accountable, coachable, and possess a positive mental attitude? If you are that person then we are looking for you!

We are one of the largest insurance distribution groups in the United States that specialize in selling mortgage protection (life insurance to homeowners), final expense, and retirement planning. With mortgage rates at an ALL TIME LOW we are being flooded with requests to protect families.

Job Details: Full-Time or Part-Time- Commission Only

We are actively hiring LICENSED and NON LICENSED AGENTS who have strong SALES and/or TEAM BUILDING backgrounds to join our team. We will train you from beginning to end on how to be successful in our industry using our simple step-by-step selling system. Many of our top agents are currently on track to make over $300,000 this year.

If you are not licensed yet, we can help point you in the right direction to become a licensed agent before you can be officially hired. You must be a US citizen in order to apply.


We provide:

• The ability to build your own business and earn a PASSIVE INCOME

• Ability to transfer ownership of your business & passive income to loved ones in the event of death

• An Equity Bonus in which you receive a percentage of our total monthly net sales

• The Best Compensation in the Industry, with Performance Based Increases

MARKET: Our niche marketing company is a national agency that specializes in the sale of boutique life insurance products designed to protect mortgages for families with average incomes and health.

We serve middle-class families who would like us to show them options for mortgage life insurance that will pay off their mortgage in the event of a death, disability, or illness. Our firm specializes in producing the highest quality, real-time, direct mail, exclusive leads. These homeowners provide us with some personal information such as height, weight, home number, cell number, who to call, and when to call in order for us to better assist them. As a matter of fact, on average our agents currently close 50% of the leads they purchase. These respondents are the gold mine of insurance sales today.

Imagine, having a steady stream of clients to contact who are expecting your call and know why you are calling?

We generate our own high-quality direct mail leads coupled with high compensation! But we are not just about leads. We have a myriad of lead systems, training platforms, and advanced marketing for our valued Agents.

We work with over 80 TOP rated insurance companies that have a plethora of high-quality products that will position you for a GREAT career.

Your success is as good as our leads and system.

• We provide the best REAL time leads and customized mailings for ALL agents.

• Leads are exclusively provided to our sales force.

• Our leads average a 60% conversion ratio.

• Superior training, utilizing a selling system that has been validated over and over.

• Daily and weekly support that consist of conference calls, webinars, conferences, and local training.

Requirements: Required *License (we will help you get your license)

You must have your own life insurance license and E&O coverage or be able to pass a state exam to obtain one.

If you are confident, passionate, personable, and coachable then this is an opportunity that will exceed all expectations! Sales experience is always welcomed; however, it's not a must as our free training and coaches are all part of the system. This is a commission-based job.

If you are interested, you will be expected to schedule a phone interview as soon as you apply and be on time for that appointment. Once you apply, you will receive an email and a text with instructions as to what we want you to do before you click on the link to schedule your phone interview.

We normally fill our positions within 48 hours of posting so if you feel this is for you, please apply now.

Erez Ahl | Regional Sales Manager
Schedule Your Interview Time .
P: (818)9127552

No agent's success, earnings, or production results should be viewed as typical, average, or expected. Not all agents achieve the same or similar results, and no particular results are guaranteed. Your level of success will be determined by several factors, including the amount of work you put in, your ability to successfully follow and implement our training and sales system and engage with our lead system, and the insurance needs of the customers in the geographic areas in which you choose to work
Salary Range
$36,000.00 - $63,000.00
per Year
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Los Angeles, CA, 90079, US