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Web Developer

Web & Analytics Developer Muse Group is committed to bringing fashion and lifestyle brands with a strong sustainability focus to their retail platform.resenting a balance of sustainable and ethical fashion that can be customised to suit, or products that have a compelling brand story on their positive impact to communities and the environment, Muse Group are seeking the services of a Web & Analytics developer to assist in growing the business.p>The requirements will vary from time to time as the business goes through periods of growth and development, and as such the hours will vary.hilst this is a role for an independent contractor, Muse Group seeks to appoint the appropriate person with a view to developing an ongoing contractual arrangement for the longer term.his is a opportunity.p>It is important that the individual's values align with Muse Group's mission & values which focus on sustainably & ethically produced items, ideally made to order, and with some items designed through Muse's configurator./p>Key attributes of the role include the ability to work with

Shopify Platform
Bespoke Configurator system
Sketchfab 3D
Relevant APIs
Workflow software
Data analytics
The work itself entails

Bespoke Configurator.p>Muse has developed a bespoke customisation configurator with a specialised developer.he developer continues to work with Muse.he role requires experience in working outside of traditional website platforms, in order to understand pathways and briefings for the configurator.p>Tasks include;
Connection of new products from Sketchfab to the configurator
Construction of the menu toggles for each product
Connection of the product to the Shopify order system
Updates to the configurator and interfaces in future
Shopify Platform
The website is built on Shopify.he role requires experience and capabilities in;
Navigation systems to simplify and enhance USX
Ecommerce pathways and communications triggers to consumers
Implementation of rewards api and consumer profile management communications
Back-end ecommerce reporting and tracking workflows
Data analytics
Sketchfab 3D
Products are built as 3D objects by third party contractor and stored in Sketchfab.roducts include multiple variations that are rendered in Sketchfab and connected to the interface of the Configurator embedded in the Shopify site frame.esponsible for
grouped assets,
share and restore configurations,
layering, highlight and image rotations
brief groupings and directive on new products
navigation and menu structure
update rendering upload of variations
Require understanding of 3D technology but we do not require 3D build capacity./p>This position is based on flexible hours.onfidence and understanding of bespoke web development is essential, as well as experience with Shopify and data analytics tools.n understanding of 3D is highly desirable.p>If you have attention to detail, enjoy establishing workflow systems and believe in the mission to bring authentic sustainability to the forefront, this role would be a rewarding appointment.p>If you are in the role, please send your CV including details of past accomplishments and advise daily rates and availability./p>We look forward to hearing from you!
new south wales, NSW, AU