Retail Sales Assistants Full Time at Bared Footwear Manchester Lane

Bared Team Member - In-Store Customer Service
We want "
A team player with a positive, warm, can-do attitude.e are very proud of what we are able to do for our customers and we want you to feel this way too.e need a problem solver who can take initiative, think on their feet and go above and beyond to help a customer.ttention to detail is crucial and a great sense of humour is a big plus! We work very hard but we also love to have a>
A typical day include "
- Store maintenance and upkeep.nsuring the shop floor, stockroom and post areas are neat, organised and as clean as possible at all>- Serving customers on the floor.ersonable, fun, bright, excited, warm, keen to help and the able to work as part of an amazing team are absolutely essential.e want you to love engaging with our customers.eing authentic, honest and as helpful as possible helps to develop relationships and build trust in our brand.etrieving multiple pairs of shoes for a customer to try or spending an hour or two with them is common .e love our customers and want to ensure they are in the perfect pair of Bared for their>- Picking and packing online orders.he inventory we sell online can be pulled from store inventory.icking and packing at Bared isn't just boxing up a shoe and sending it off.e check every pair of shoes before they're sent out, and double check customer requests regarding additional fitting options, sizes, and styles they like to try.e will make sure we a customer if we think they've ordered something that might not work for them or be suited to their feet or needs.hen in doubt, call the customer!
- Stock management.tock is delivered to our stores every day or two.ou will be accepting transfers, ensuring correct inventory levels and contributing to the organisation and flow of the stock room.his will involve stocktaking, moving stock around no seriously heavy lifting!, or packing stock to go back to the warehouse or other>- Lend a hand.s a small business and a -knit team, we like to make sure you have an understanding ofsho w our business works as a whole.e do this so that you can feel confident lending a hand to other team members when asked.e want staff to share their knowledge and feel welcome to put forward fresh>- Repairs and troubleshooting.espite our many attempts, not every shoe is free from imperfections.ometimes, customers have quality issues, or fit issues, and our only every policy is to make the customer happy without devaluing the brand!.e offer a repair service at Bared and often visit the cobbler.e want you to feel comfortable dealing with any customer's issue and assist them to find a suitable solution they find>- our story.e're proud of what we've achieved, and all the things we want to achieve.e want you to feel confident getting our customers excited about the brand.hether that's our sourcing of more sustainable shoe components, or reducing our carbon footprint - let's get excited about becoming more ethical and sustainable in our supply chain and delivering that message to our customers.r>
melbourne, VIC, AU