Specialist - Product Engineering

"Chatbot Developer
Python , Ruby, .Net, Java, node Js, Mongodb /NOSQL, REST API"

"Experience in building AI-powered chatbots from scratch using AI, ML, and NLP technologies to develop chatbot applications.

Working knowledge of frontend technologies – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and REST APIs.

Fundamental knowledge and experience in MySQL, MongoDB, or other databases.

Strong multi-language background and experience working with programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and AI languages.

Collaborate with teams and other developers to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain chatbot.

Maintain and enhance chatbot platform to meet changing needs

Integrate chatbot solutions with multiple platforms

Troubleshoot bots, debug, and deploy chatbots on various channels

Enhance user effectiveness of chatbot with the help of advanced technologies

Involve in all the stages of chatbot development from architecting to implementing

Act as an expert on the various AI capabilities and actively participate in future product development opportunities

Continuously monitor performance, report on the progress, and define strategies for enhancements

Manage data coming from chatbot conversations and analyze them

Work closely with cross functional teams in enhancement and end-to-end development of product

Identify, analyze, and interpret the pattern, trends, and conversational flow in complex data sets

Design and implement processes and strategies to enhance the end-user experience"

Job Segment: Engineer, Developer, Product Development, Java, .NET, Engineering, Technology, Research
Chennai, TN, IN