Coordinator - Davangere& Karnataka

Preferably Female Candidate

oordinator duties and responsibilities.

Should be good in training teachers, she has to handle 20 to 30 teachers.
Technically sound
Train teachers on how to teach, designing worksheets, clarifying the doubts
Should actively participate in Parent teachers meeting
Manage escalations
Design Classroom Materials and Curriculums
Oversee Teacher Training
Analyze Student Performance

Coordinator Skills

Substantial experience in the field of academic coordination involving writing evaluation and assessment

Academic Coordinators need to bring a creative and analytical approach to this position. They should be detail-oriented critical thinkers with strong verbal and written communication skills. The ability to work in groups and demonstrate leadership skills are important for Academic Coordinators. In many cases, Academic Coordinators must apply problem solving and decision making skills in the creation and implementation of new curriculum and academic materials. They should have the ability to assess others as well themselves. In addition to these skills and traits, potential employers might seek Academic Coordinators with the following abilities:

Understanding goals and standards for various content areas – to help Academic Coordinators realize in what ways to make changes to curriculums and instructional practices

Building teams – in many cases, Academic Coordinators will create materials and curriculums with the help of other academic staff members so it is important for them to be able to assemble and lead an effective team

Designing training programs – Academic Coordinators often conduct professional development seminars, workshops and classes to help teachers develop instructional strategies

Assessing educational materials – it is up to Academic Coordinators to evaluate and recommend textbooks, educational technologies and other educational tools to teachers and administrators
Davangere, KA, IN