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Job Details


It’s a Mission, not a Just a Job. As a multi-billion dollar leader of disruptive change in the automotive electronics technology industry, Visteon is shaping the future (while contributing to a cleaner environment) through pioneering innovations in product delivery and cockpit software business lines. 

The mission of this role is to make Visteon’s vision a reality by designing, developing and implementing innovative System Architecture concepts, System Boundary Diagrams, I/O Map, System level Performance KPIs, Audio/Video and Data Signal flow analysis, reference architecture that meet customer requirements.

 How You Will Spend Your Days

Support quotes and Production programs up through Gate 2 (primarily)
Development of system architecture concepts (function allocation in hardware, software and mechanics).
Interdisciplinary problem solving and deep technical expertise to overcome product and cross-functional dependencies or roadblocks.
Adherence to and completing the System Architecture Tasks from VistWay (Visteon operating processes).
Drive global re-use and platform adherence, minimizing OEM specific augmentations where possible.
Systems Gates preparation (S1 and S2) and program audit events.
Ensure selected architecture fulfils requirements in functionality, performance, quality and timing
Cooperation with distributed cross-functional development teams.
System software partitioning, bandwidth calculations, memory maps, data flows for the overall system design. Specific Deliverables: System Boundary Diagrams, I/O Map, System level Performance KPIs, Ensuring there is a Boot Sequence diagram with OEM requirements mappedAudio/Video and Data Signal flow analysis (through the top-level HW and SW blocks) to ensure team understand the system interfaces (by feature/function).Publish during quote phase 3-5 'Worst case' use scenarios (sequence diagram, text or other method) to allow analysis of system resource utilization studies by PL SW and Sys teams. .
Work with Platform teams to align the architectures to an existing platform wherever possible
Refine and fill out the existing reference architecture. Adapt this architecture as needed to include requirements introduced by new technology.
Participation and leading SYS3 part of Engineering Quotes

Technical Knowledge, Skills and Experiences

Bachelors or Post Graduate degree in automotive electronics or Computer Science or related specialisation.
Minimum 15 plus years overall experience focusing on In-depth understanding of Automotive Embedded systems and architecture.
Hands on knowledge of embedded systems interfaces and OEM performance requirements (DI, IVI and Display systems).
Working knowledge of Automotive Systems functional partitioning (HW, SW)
Ability to use System tools (Rhapsody or similar) for modelling or documentation of system interfaces and requirements
DFMEA Development working knowledge
Software: HLD knowledge of automotive OSs, and Infrastructure (BSP and Services).
OSs such as Android, Integrity, QNX, Peripheral device interfaces, Diagnostics, CDD and generic HALs
Ability to conduct automotive embedded systems based product analysis based on the customer needs
Familiar with requirements analysis and development
Previous experience in successfully designing and develop products

The Mindset and Key Behaviours You’ll Need to Bring

Visteon is a high-growth, fast-paced and entrepreneurially spirited company – and will only hire people who profile the same.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Recognizes how subtle changes in the market or industry could impact the performance of the department and communicates strategic concerns to leadershipConsiders how different approaches to an existing process or method might be better, tying together seemingly disconnected informationDemonstrates excitement regarding the opportunity to participate in new and uncertain business ventures, displaying confidence about what can be accomplished
Systems / Critical Thinking
Processes different types of information, which require complex analysis, correctly identifying key trends; uses incisive questioning to gain a deep understanding of issues and their wider impact; quickly generates appropriate solutions informed by previous experience
Prepares well-written material for a range purposes; highlights the key facts and critical points behind an argument
Works well with complex data and evaluates information effectively; makes full use of the latest technology and ensures others on the team do the same
Adaptability: Is positive and optimistic about what the team can achieve; recovers quickly from setbacks and helps other team members to move onAppreciates the need for change, addressing ambiguous or uncertain situations directly; easily adapts to changing circumstances or demands, and helps others on the team to accept the unknownSeeks feedback related to own and team performance; deals constructively with criticism
Collaboration: Interacts well with people across teams; communicates with enthusiasm and networks effectivelyEstablishes rapport and puts people at ease; develops long-lasting relationships within and across teams
Communication: Convinces people by making a strong case, bringing other people on the team to understand and agree with the presented viewpoint; negotiates effectively to get the best outcomes for self and the teamArticulates information clearly, explaining complex information effectively and confidently in presentations to existing and new team membersChallenges others to consider and discuss established views or assumptions that require further thought; effectively argues own perspective.Demonstrates cultural sensitivity
Elevates the Performance of Others: Shares learning and growth opportunities within team when they arise and encourages others to work outside of their comfort zone by taking on new development opportunitiesFinds opportunities to individually coach others, providing specific insights and tips to enhance skills, knowledge or work performanceProactively provides ongoing constructive, behaviorally-oriented feedback to others within the team to increase future performanceDelivers individual and group feedback to support performance and developmentLeads with empathy and respect toward all employees and partners









Licenses & Certifications

Bengaluru, KA, IN