CG Lead

Experience: No freshers considered.  This is a role which requires general content knowledge of CG and ability to lead/coordinate.  Needs to be able to translate complex ideas in written/spoken English to other CG and Comp team members for VFX shots.  These can be creative and/or technical concepts such as UDIMs, shaders, topology, bidding, time management, and task dependencies.
Have at least 2 years of VFX experience doing CG in a VFX studio. 5+ years experience of CG in multiple areas.  Experience with photo-real subject matter and have a good sense of look development, timing, and quality.  Experience leading projects.  Must present a reel that demonstrates experience and skills.  Position is on-site in Chennai.  Fluent written and spoken English is mandatory.

Required Skills:Maya areas required: Modeling, texturing, UV layout, file referencing, deformations, particle systems, lighting, shading, efficient rendering, camera animation, general animation, procedural systems, 3d sculpting/painting, look dev, and technical problem solving.

Project work includes:Creating CG elements to integrate into live action photoreal plates.  Some full CG production.Layout, Set Extensions, FX, Lighting with multiple passes for comp, Slap comps in Nuke, CG environments and Props.

Responsibilities includes:Maintain productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.May train, mentor or supervise the work of entry, mid and mid-high level generalist artists at the discretion of the Department Supervisor.Attend dailies and participate in team’s problem solving.Take primary responsibility for shot completion while guiding support artists.Learn new techniques and solve shot problems.

Technical Skills:Fluent in Maya, Photoshop, Substance, Mudbox, Speedtree.Fluent in V-Ray and Arnold renderers.Comfortable working in or learning Nuke, ShotGrid, PhoenixFD, Agisoft, Houdini.Comparable software experience is also considered.

Communication skills:Fluent English written and verbal, Team coordination, Project planning, Technical design.  

Behavioral:Great team player and be resourceful and innovative.  Learn new processes easily.  Confident with challenging work and requirements.Ability to estimate time required for stages of completion and deliver timely in remote working situations.Able to listen to team and supervisor input and implement suggestions or tactfully propose alternative solutions.Meticulous and detail oriented.  Follow tasks to completion.
Chennai, TN, IN