Admin - Whitefield& Bengaluru

Preferably Female Candidate

Administrator Responsibilities:

Understanding and reviewing the way the school and all its departments function.
Taking into account each teacher’s workload and extracurricular activities when developing class schedules.
Conducting research on professional and ongoing learning workshops and sharing these opportunities with teachers and other staff.
Attending meetings and scheduling appropriate staff team building sessions.
Ensuring fair allocation of budget and resources.
Keeping track of student successes and failures and preparing appropriate interventions.
Managing school security, caretakers, and other ground staff.
Assisting with the hiring, recruitment, training, and onboarding of new teachers.
Establishing and maintaining good relationships with parents, students, and staff at other schools.
Preparing and submitting drafts of proposals, financial reports, and other documents.

Administrator Requirements:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree.
Relevant license and certification may be required.
Good communication skills, both verbal and written 
Good interpersonal and parent handling skills
Basic computer skills 
Extensive teaching or school administration experience may be required.
Knowledge of and practical experience with the relevant software.
Excellent leadership, organizational, management, and communication skills.
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as the ability to remain professional
Bengaluru, KA, IN